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  • Four collaboration tools to bring your marketing efforts to a new level

    Digital marketing is finally beyond well-defined cookie-cutter tactics. It’s all about creativity these days. Therefore collaboration has become an integral part of digital marketing. There are many forms of collaboration that can help marketing strategy: You can collaborate with your team members and employees to empower them to participate in your brand marketing efforts.

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  • Google Making the Web Faster: Over the Years

    With AMP project being aggressively pushed by Google recently, site speed topic has been discussed more actively again. In case you wanted to get a quick background of those discussions, here is the timeline of Google trying to make the web faster and dealing with site speed over the years: 2009 December: Google Page Speed report comes to Google Webmaster Tools under “Site Performance” section.

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  • How To Make The Most Of Emojis On Instagram

    You may have noticed an interesting trend developing on Instagram lately. People are using emoji’s in their descriptions and comments. Not just a little bit… sometimes there will be as many as ten emoji’s in a single description. This isn’t that unusual if you think about it. Instagram is a visual platform, and it encourages visual storytelling.

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  • Six steps to a stronger online brand

    When it comes to maintaining a brand, any good marketer will tell you that reputation management is key. But it’s not just about monitoring what others say about your business; it’s also making sure you know how to prevent reputation crisis by building a stronger brand. For better or worst, opinions about your brand are out there.

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  • The *Working* Guide to Reaching out to Influencers Using Social Media

    By Ann Smarty 10 Comments The *Working* Guide to Reaching out to Influencers Using Social Media You may know that I used to do business from far away, I had no way to meet my business partners and contacts in the real world, but despite that I was fairly well-connected. So here’s my recipe to building connections online: reaching out to niche influencers through social media.

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  • Your New Year’s Content Marketing Checklist

    SEO Published 4 mins ago | By: Ann Smarty We all have our New Year’s resolutions and I usually keep those to my business goals. The New Year is a great motivation to get some mess in order, fix and update old content and finally breathe fresh air into your old site. The following is my personal checklist.

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  • 6 tools for a better, smarter social media influencer campaign

    Influencer marketing involves a lot of listening, planning and experimenting. These tools will help you set up a social media campaign allowing to better find, monitor and approach influencers. One important word of caution though: Social media influencers should be tackled with huge care. Remember each of those people has a dedicated online audience: If you appear too spammy, ...

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