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  • 6 tools for a better, smarter social media influencer campaign

    Influencer marketing involves a lot of listening, planning and experimenting. These tools will help you set up a social media campaign allowing to better find, monitor and approach influencers. One important word of caution though: Social media influencers should be tackled with huge care. Remember each of those people has a dedicated online audience: If you appear too spammy, ...

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  • How to Include All Employees in Your Social Media Marketing

    Want to expand your business’s reach on social media? Have you thought about involving all of your employees? Your company’s social media reach can grow dramatically if all of your employees are helping to spread your message. In this article, you’ll discover how to involve your entire staff in your social media marketing. by Ann Smarty on Social Media Examiner.

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  • 8 Crazy Useful Instagram Hacks To Try Right Now

    Instagram has become one of the hottest social networks around. But did you know you can do more than just post photos? Here are ten insanely, awesomely helpful hacks to try right now. Change The Format Of Your Picture Once upon a time you could only use squares for your Instagram photos. Which was a real pain if you wanted something that didn’t fit well within those confines.

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  • Eight tools to combine several social media feeds into one

    Are you interested in a more efficient way to view your social media profiles? This article lists some tools allowing you to combine your social media feeds into one! Do you often feel overwhelmed? If you are pretty much anyone with modern social media habits, the answer is going to be yes. With so many people using social networking for both personal and professional purpose ...

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  • The 10 Most Useful Twitter Tools and Chrome Extensions

    With news of Vine’s demise recently announced, the question of the next big thing has been on everyone’s minds. What will Twitter come up with next? Will it turn a medium on its head in the way Vine’s little looping 6-second clips managed to do? Will it launch something incredible and life changing? It will be awhile before we can find out about their next move.

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  • Three Tools to Build a Mobile Digital Asset

    Some people call them “content upgrades”, I prefer the term “digital assets“; either way they are important to invest time and money in: Digital assets attract links and social media shares (And thus generate traffic and increase your site rankings) Digital assets build brand loyalty by letting your site users take your brand home with them (Download, bookmark, install whatever you have cre.

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  • 10 ideas to market and monetize your digital book or whitepaper

    Are you planning to create a digital guide for your customers? Or a downloadable checklist or a whitepaper? Whether it’s a huge book or a few-page long digital guide, you have quite a few unique ways to market and monetize it. Creating a digital book can help you with quite a few marketing goals: Downloadable assets build loyalty allowing your customers to take your brand ...

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  • How Businesses Can Use Instagram Drafts Feature

    Instagram is quickly becoming the platform to beat in the world of social media. As of 2016, there are 500 million active users. While the applications are still not as solidified in the marketing niche as you see with Facebook and Twitter, it has becoming a uniquely valuable tools for brands looking to appeal to a generation moving further away from the standard networks.

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  • Search and Social: Scariest Moments of 2016

    Happy Halloween! Has our industry scared you this year? have you lost sleep over some traffic dips or frightening rumor? Here are a few of the scariest moments in search and social industry for the year of 2016: January Another “Phantom” 2016 Core Algorithm Update Was Not Panda Everyone was waiting for either panda or Penguin to come, yet the unnamed algorithm scaring webmasters at the beginni.

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  • Quick Tip: Create a Cool Brand Asset that Will Build and Promote Itself

    By Ann Smarty Leave a Comment Quick Tip: Create a Cool Brand Asset that Will Build and Promote Itself I love tools. Moreover, I love simple ideas that may have dozens of practical uses, like a Swiss knife (as my friend likes to put it). In today’s quick tip series, I am sharing a tool that combines two of my passions: automation and multi-purposefulness. I’ve been a long time user of Paper.

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  • 10 SEOs who rock at personal branding

    It’s getting harder and harder to market yourself as an SEO professional. Here are 10 personal SEO brands to learn from. SEO is one of the fastest growing industry. If hardly anyone knew it 10 years ago, these days it’s well-known (yet still hardly understood) and every other forum user is ready to announce himself an SEO expert.

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