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  • 5 Tips for a Winning Youtube Custom Video Thumbnail

    YouTube is one of the most useful tools for content marketing. The problem is the high number of competing videos you have to stand out against. According to the site’s statistics, 100 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every single minute! You read that right… that is 6,000 in an hour, 144,000 hours in a day. Your best bet will always be building a consistent audience.

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  • 6 lesser known tools to power your content marketing

    It seems like a small selection of tools just keeps traveling from article to article these days. Opening a freshly-published article on a popular blog, I feel like I’ve already read it, because I know all the listed tools. To celebrate “undercover” tools in the marketing industry, I picked six tools I use which I seldom or never see mentioned in other people’s articles.

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  • 8 Marketing Dashboards and Alerts to Keep Your Team Organized

    Content marketing is tough to organize. First of all, it involves a lot of creative tasks and creativity is impossible to scale. Secondly, a content marketing team is often scattered all over the country (or even all over the world) because it’s tough to keep so much diverse talent under one roof.

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  • What may be slowing your site down (and how to fix it)

    A slow site is a slow death for a brand. Whether you have a blog, an online storefront or anything else, your viewers need to able to form a positive impression fast. You have to be able to load a page quickly to pull that off. Back in 2012, there was a study that found it takes under 3 seconds for people to decide whether or not your site is worth staying on.

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  • 10 Useful Cheatsheets for Bloggers

    Choosing to run a blog is a big decision. Whether it’s a business blog or just a way to make some extra money, it will eventually consume your life. The work you put into it, the joy you feel when it takes off, the frustration when it doesn’t – all of these are part of the natural emotional cycle of the blogger.

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  • 5 SEO features to make sure your ecommerce platform supports

    When choosing an ecommerce platform to power your online store, it’s important to consider search engine optimization (SEO) features in your decision-making process. No matter how experienced you are with SEO, when you put the power into a platform’s hands, you may or may not end up with ability to control elements of your site that are essential to your ranking success.

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  • Four tools to build a smarter and more up-to-date in-house marketing team

    The SEO community has been fighting with low-quality, outdated and simply incorrect content for ages. How can you educate yourself as well as your team in this abyss of misinformation? It can be overwhelming to be a new SEO because there’s no way to tell a trustworthy article from a misleading one. In many cases, new SEOs are being guided by outdated advice and get themselves intro trouble.

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  • How to effectively combine online and offline lead generation

    We have two primary forms of leads: online and offline. This article talks about how to combine online and offline marketing for more efficient lead generation. In today’s world we are mostly narrowing in to online leads, thanks to the Internet essentially opening up the entire world for us to peruse. But offline leads should still be a factor we consider moving forward.

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