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  • MyBlogGuest Growth in 2014 Infographic

    Tweet Last year we started a great tradition: Sharing MyBlogGuest stats with the world. A little bit of history. We shared our 2013 progress in the closing #myblogguest Twitter chats of 2013. Here are some milestones: Google started talking about guest blogging, so we started talking about Google We amended our quality guidelines trying to adapt them to what Google was stating.

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  • To test schema 2

    Tweet Sat Sep 14 SOLD OUT! Typhoon with Radiation City The Hi-Dive 7 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80209 9:30 PM $13.00 Tickets Facebook Digg StumbleUpon Comments: 0 (Zero), Be the fi ...

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  • How I Got My eBook Reviewed for Free by Dozens of Bloggers (#MyBlogGuest Case Study)

    Tweet Last month MyBlogGuest added a new cool feature: eBooks gallery. It’s meant for both amateur and professional (digital) book writers who need to spread a word about their books. It’s a most unintrusive outreach method: You don’t pitch bloggers anything Instead, you write about your book, upload to the gallery and let blogger apply to publish your reviews for free.

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  • Types of Link Removal Requests and Where are We Heading?

    Tweet With all those notorious hundreds of thousands of algorithm changes, millions of flags and billions of free testers, Google is helpless. No, I am actually quite serious. There’s really only one reason why they started all the removal / disavow craziness: They are helpless. Their algorithms are not working against spam and their human reviewers are not enough to clean ...

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  • My Viral Content Buzz Case Study: How to Get Found on the Internet

    Tweet Last year we announced our new kid: Viral Content Buzz. We’ve been diligently going through (and beyond) the To-Do list since then and even though the project can be considered pretty established now, I still have my wow moments with it. One of them is a little case study of how VCB is able to revive a pretty dead site. I have a little website which I don’t have time to focus on.

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