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  • Which Types of Content are Worth Investing in?

    Everyone understands the value of content marketing at this point, but the question is whether or not your content strategy is delivering a high enough ROI to justify your expenses. Believe it or not, the return you receive is directly related to the various content formats and styles you use. Choosing the Right Content If you’re going to invest in content, then you need to mak ...

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  • Shake Up Your Digital Marketing Stunts to Get More Customers

    The digital world is now almost entirely ensconced by marketing. Social networks, publishers, and businesses are stuffed with advertisements and marketing stunts that are all too familiar to customers. Though many of these marketing campaigns are successful, it’s hard to stand out when everyone is following the same standards of digital marketing.

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  • 3 Principles of Digital Advertising Every Real Estate Agent Should Master

    Real estate agents are nothing today without digital advertising. One’s ability to sell a home is magnified if you’re able not only to list a property online, but also market it there. The skill of digital marketing is still fairly new, so if you’ve focused on physical marketing for much of your career, the process might be a little challenging to master.

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  • 4 Recommendations for Developing a New Niche

    Once you’ve established a fairly successful business, there’s no reason to simply settle and avoid growth. True success comes when you’ve done everything you can do to make your business work. Oftentimes, this means branching off into a new niche or adding some additional revenue stream to compliment your existing value offering.

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  • Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing for Optimal Website Exposure

    When it comes to marketing your website, don’t assume that digital marketing is the only way. Online methods have tremendous value but so do traditional offline methods of marketing. If you want to maximize website exposure, you need to combine efforts and find a happy medium. Rooted in the Past, Focused on the Future As a marketer, you have to walk a fine line between staying ...

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  • Adapt Marketing Strategies to Millennials or Fade Into Obscurity

    Over the past few years, established corporations and large brands have been in denial about millennials, the increasingly large and dynamic segment of the consumer marketplace. We’ve tried to change their behaviors and tendencies, instead of adapting our own strategies to meet their preferences. Well, we’re now at a crucial turning point where you need to give in or step away.

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  • Are You Fully Harnessing the Power of Google? 7 Tools to Add

    Published 1 min ago 81 Google is a marketer’s best friend. It’s far more than just a search engine; it’s a hub of real-time big data that can be used to improve any marketing strategy. The best part is, the majority of its tools are entirely free. Google creates an impressive marketing platform that marketers would be foolish to ignore.

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  • The Importance of Video Testimonials in Content Marketing

    It’s no surprise that video is one of the more effective content mediums in today’s digital marketing landscape. However, simply knowing this fact doesn’t do you any good. If you want to maximize the value of video, you must know how to effectively use it. And in 2016, we believe you’ll want to focus on video testimonials.

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  • Tips for Naming Your Content Marketing Agency

    Published 1 min ago 50 Whether you’re an individual freelance writer looking to grow your services into a larger brand, or a couple of entrepreneurs trying to tap into the lucrative content marketing industry, one of the toughest tasks you face is naming your agency. Where do you start? What are the rules? How can I get creative business names for my agency? These are ...

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  • How To Avoid Being Seen As Spam By Viewers

    Good back links are search engine gold, but when the spam starts to seep in, you’ll find your rankings begin to sink and your reputation will wane. So what can you do? Here’s how to recover when the reputation sappers strike. Spotting the Spam The first thing to remember when trying to filter out spam links that lead to your website is that SEO is a numbers game.

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  • Leveraging Local Content Marketing for a Franchise

    Did you know that one out of every 12 businesses in the United States is a franchise? Even with the support of the franchisor, you can’t just assume that brand recognition will award you the customer base you need. Whether a business is independently owned or part of a larger corporate conglomerate, there’s fierce competition to contend with, especially at the local level.

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  • “Digital Marketing” is More Than Blogging

    Published 1 min ago 37 When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important that businesses gain a better understanding of what “digital marketing” actually means. Over the years, the terms “digital marketing” and “Internet marketing” have somehow become synonymous. However, they shouldn’t be viewed as one and the same.

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  • 4 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Content Marketing Firm

    Published 1 min ago 25 As more businesses around the world begin to grasp the significance of quality content, the industry continues to grow at a swift pace. For a content marketer—regardless of their size—the question will always be, “How can I continue to scale my firm for increased profitability?” While the answer to that question may not be simple, there are some ...

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  • 7 Daily Habits That Will Streamline Content Creation

    Better content leads to a better campaign. When the quality of your content is elevated, you’ll see higher readership, better publication outlets, greater reader retention, more traffic and better relationships with your consumers. Unfortunately, some marketers struggle for years to develop better content, only to fall short of any meaningful improvement.

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  • 6 Things to Consider Before Starting a Company Blog

    Published 1 min ago 38 Starting a company blog is now easier than ever. Anyone can publish a blog post with a free profile and a few words. However, because blogs are so easy to create, they can also pose several problems. In their excitement to get started, many companies often overlook important factors.

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  • 5 Things Indirectly Hindering Your Ability to Create Content

    Published 3 mins ago 27 As a CMO or marketing manager, you’re so inundated with information that simply taking action is sometimes a major accomplishment. Your favorite blogs and periodicals tell you one thing, your management team tells you another, your friends and peers are discussing new strategies that contradict your current ones and everything just seems to blend together.

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  • 5 Qualities to Define in Every Content Marketing Campaign

    Content Marketing, Owned Media The fundamental idea behind content marketing isn’t terribly complex; spend time writing great content that people want to read on a regular basis and, eventually, you’ll build a reputation and gain more traffic and respect as a result. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and web masters have taken this simplistic core concept and assumed that exe ...

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