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  • Webinar materials: Speed up Magento: Why and How?

    Webinar materials: Speed up Magento: Why and How? Category: Marketing, SEO, Webinar Last Thursday we have held a webinar for Magento site-owners with our awesome partners Magento support and development company Mementia. The webinar was very well-received as site speed is very well known issue for Magento e-commerce platform and, besides, site speed optimization is currently ...

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  • The Friday Catch-Up: A Whirlwind of News and So Little Time

    Hey there everyone! It feels like we just went through an eternity since last Friday. The weeks are getting longer and we just cannot wait that much to see you guys again. The noisemakers around the internet perhaps had a similar idea because we are simply teeming with gossip. This week, you’ll notice our news section is a bit fatter than usual.

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