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  • Announcing The Annielytics Marketing Strategy Guide

    Right. Find out which SERP features a keyword triggers. Or die. I can do this. As marketers we work with a lot of tools. It’s really hard to keep them all straight and remember which tool does what. I work closely with marketing tools and use them regularly, and I still fire them up and spin my tires as I try to remember how to find what I need.

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  • The Worst Setting In Google Analytics [VIDEO]

    One of Google Analytics’ greatest charms is its ability to be highly customized. However, sometimes the ability to tinker with its infrastructure comes with risks. One of those risks is the unassuming but potentially deadly Default Page setting. The Default Page Setting Hates Kittens That’s just raw, Google! For people who might be confused about what the Default Page setting ...

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  • How To Test Google Analytics Using Real-Time Reports [VIDEO]

    There are great (and free!) tools for testing your Google Analytics implementation, such as the Google Analytics Debugger Chrome extension and Google’s Tag Assistant Chrome extension. But another great tool you can use is Google Analytics’ Real-Time reports. Isolating Yourself The key to using them is being able to isolate yourself in the Real-Time reports.

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  • Demystifying Social Reports In Google Analytics [VIDEO]

    Google Analytics includes quite a few social reports, but they can be difficult to find and interpret. There are quite a few gotchas that you might not be aware of when using social reports in Google Analytics. I share those in the video, as well as why not all reports are created equal. I share which ones I like and use most and why.

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  • How To Create Histograms For Marketers In Excel [VIDEO]

    Histogram charts are great tools for marketers, but unfortunately Excel doesn’t make the process of creating them terribly intuitive. But I’ll try to simplify it for you a bit. Why A Histogram? Histograms are good for summarizing data into groups. Think about a teacher who has given a test and wants to know how many A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, and F’s there were in her class.

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  • Announcing Annielytics Live – Let’s Hangout!

    If you’ve read any of my guides or checklists, you know that I’m always trying to think of ways to make marketers’ lives easier. And here’s my next attempt! I want to get a bunch of marketers, in a room talking about Google Analytics. With Hangouts Live, I’ll be able to provide a yellow brick road for marketers to bring their burning Google Analytics questions.

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  • Why The Multi-Channel Funnels And Acquisition Reports Don’t Get Along

    I was recently asked this question on Twitter: @AnnieCushing Do you know why Model Comparison won't show the same ecommerce transactions as Channels Report – whatever attribution I use?? — Matt Price (@matt_tate_price) January 22, 2016 It’s a common question, and usually the only reason it’s not asked is that marketers don’t even know what Multi-Channel reports even are, let alone that.

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  • How to Copy Another Site’s CSS Using Chrome Developer Tools

    Have you ever come across something formatted in a cool way on a site and wondered how they accomplished it, so you could something like it on your site? Now let’s get really honest? Do you have hacked up CSS skills like mine? I am constantly breaking things on my site because I (quite literally) know just enough to be dangerous.

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  • Announcing the Annielytics Affiliate Program

    After six weeks of focusing on my site redesign (yay!) and setting up my Annielytics Affiliate Program, I can proudly announce that it’s here! If you’ve ever sold a home, that’s how setting this up felt. It was a great opportunity to get my house in order and in the best shape possible for my potential affiliates.

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  • Annielytics Dashboard Course Comes to SMBs

    As many of you know I recently published a DIY, self-guided audit template. Although I know I could have easily charged over $1,000 for this 140-page checklist and template — replete with boilerplate text and 90+ explainer images — I decided to offer it at a rock-bottom price of $195. Some colleagues thought I was crazy, but I decided when I produced it that I wanted to get t ...

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  • 7 Real-World Marketing Uses for the Mozbar [VIDEOS]

    In this post I’ve collected all of the videos on my Mozbar Tips YouTube Playlist and put them in one place for your convenience. This bundle of videos just shows how I’ve been using the Mozbar a lot lately. How to Use the Mozbar to Easily View Page Metadata How to Use the Mozbar to Quickly Find Inbound Links for Any Page You Visit How to Use the Mozbar Highlighter Tool to Ai ...

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  • How To Import One Spreadsheet Into Another In Google Drive [VIDEO]

    At YourTango, I work with an editorial team. And editorial teams love working in Google Docs. I’ve never seen so many in my life. But managing them can be a bear because sometimes you have to have multiple Google Docs open in different tabs to provide context for the research you’re doing. So I’ve been exposing the team to crazy techniques like dynamically pulling a data set ...

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  • Announcing Annielytics Dashboard Course Office Hours

    I talk a lot about actionable analytics. When you know where to look in your data for the story, you can gain valuable insights about your customers and what delights them. What I can tell from the analytics from my dashboard course, as well as the types of questions I get from current members, is that, although some subscribers soar through the course like a hot knife throug ...

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