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  • How Time Out Plans to Strengthen Its Vertical Offerings With Ecommerce

    At last week’s LOCALCON conference in London, Time Out‘s Russ Cohn, Zenchef’s Xavier Zeitoun, and FreshLime’s Bob Barnes discussed the impact of vertical approaches on local marketing. The conversation touched on the experiences of the speakers in regards to the fact that now more than ever there is a demand for solutions that cater to the unique wants and needs of specific sectors.

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  • How Facebook Helps Small Businesses Stay Relevant on Mobile

    “There’s a new billboard in town, and it’s in your pocket.” So began a presentation about mobile advertising from Facebook’s product marketing manager for SMBs, Joe Devoy, at Street Fight’s LOCALCON conference in London on Thursday. Devoy took the stage to share insight into how Facebook thinks about serving small businesses.

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  • SweetIQ CEO: Local Marketing Has Become ‘Far Too Fragmented’

    In theory, the wealth of local services providers that exist within digital marketing today should mean that SMBs have no excuse not to take advantage of that technology and fit it to their particular circumstances and budgets. But in some ways, the flood of companies offering solutions has left a lot of SMBs frozen in limbo: too many choices, too little clarity.

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  • Weather Company’s Webster Touts the Power of Forecast Data in Local Marketing

    Many of the recent advancements in marketing technology are predicated on the promise of an increasingly sophisticated ability to anticipate consumers’ actions and movements. But what kind of information can be depended upon to formulate the educated guesses that result in actual transactions? Of all the data that can be gathered and utilized, what works best to heighten the a ...

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  • Unacast Looks to Monetize Its Location Data, Hires ironSource’s Cunningham as CRO

    Unacast Looks to Monetize Its Location Data, Hires ironSource’s Cunningham as CRO April 6, 2016 by Annie Melton Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Beacon and proximity data company Unacast announced today that ad industry veteran Chris Cunningham, formerly the head of U.S. mobile for ironSource, is joining the company as chief revenue officer.

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  • On-Demand Is Tricky to Build, but ‘Very Much a Net Positive for Everybody’

    The on-demand revolution has been in full swing for a few years now, and its presence in our everyday lives, in the form of mobile apps and services, is becoming increasingly normalized. Rorie Devine’s work for, which sends interim managers to companies to help improve efficiency and deliver revenue growth, has taken him up close to the unfolding of on-demand wi ...

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  • PlaceIQ’s Mandeep Mason on Looking at Location from an International Perspective

    As brands and advertisers familiarize themselves with ways of leveraging location data, companies like PlaceIQ are stepping up with sophisticated platforms to help ease the process of parsing dense information to find value. Markets around the world are at varying stages of identifying and embracing the increasingly large role location is playing in a number of industries, and ...

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  • Drawbridge Founder: ‘Programmatic Has Led the Charge for Cross-Device’

    Increasingly sophisticated location technology — an inevitable by-product of mobile’s dominance — is dramatically influencing the advertising industry, and programmatic in particular is emerging as a powerful force.Drawbridge sits in the confluence of location, mobile and programmatic, providing cross-device solutions.

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  • NearSt Founder: Shopping Locally Can Be Easier Than Ordering From Amazon

    If shoppers had the ability to go on their mobile devices, locate and order products from stores nearby, and receive them more or less immediately, would Amazon still be such a ? NearSt doesn’t think so. The London-based startup wants to give brick-and-mortar bookstores the power to satisfy consumer needs as quickly as possible by offering them a platform to make their inven ...

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  • CourseHorse Co-Founder: People Are Spending Locally in Adult Education

    There’s no shortage of options for people looking to beef up their knowledge in a wide variety of skills and subjects. Those in search for continuing and professional education services can choose from an increasingly vast spread of online-only classes, but it often turns out that they’d rather sit in a classroom instead of in front of their computer.

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  • Retale CEO Touts ‘Tremendous Potential’ of Virtual Reality for Shopping

    Virtual reality is the kind of technology that gets grouped with artificial intelligence, commercial drone use, and self-driving cars: a futuristic technology that many believe is eventually inevitable — but is still potentially quite a way down the road. But while widespread adoption is likely a number of years away, potential uses for VR are now starting taking shape.

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