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  • How To Integrate Holidays Into Your Social Strategy: Fourth Of July Edition

    Any experienced social media marketer knows the holidays are a time to get creative with content. Throughout the calendar year it can be challenging to constantly create new and interesting content that your followers will appreciate. Holidays – both big and small – can provide a creative break from the monotony of your usual content, allow you to promote seasonal products and ...

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  • Making The Most Out Of Influencer Marketing On A Tight Budget

    An effective marketing strategy is contingent on adapting to current trends in order to best reach consumers and have them better engage with your brand. Today’s consumer is bombarded with advertisements and sponsored content everywhere they turn and they’re becoming more aware of when they’re being marketed to.

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  • Influencer Marketing: Building Successful Relationships

    Because the landscape of marketing and public relations is constantly evolving, it is important to keep up with current trends and include them in your client’s PR strategies. Influencer marketing has become a massive component in successful digital PR campaigns, and it has proven impact on brand exposure. An influencer is someone who has clout in a particular industry.

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  • Influencer Relations: Steps to Building Media Relationships

    As the landscape of public relations evolves, it’s important to not avoid but rather adapt and incorporate the newest practices into your PR strategies. Any PR pro knows the impact an “influencer” in a particular industry can have on a brand’s product or service. Influencers have established themselves as an authority in their field and have a loyal following that values their opinion.

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  • Public Relations Process: Guide to Online Media Relations

    All businesses need some sort of public relations plan. Whether they are selling products or promoting their services, without a strategic approach that incorporates PR, companies lack the ability to effectively communicate their messaging and show value to customers at their full potential. A well-established PR plan that has been built with close attention to detail, is strat ...

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