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  • How to Create an Unstoppable Culture of Collaborative Content

    Building a successful culture of content marketing is not easy. In fact, for most companies, it may seem near impossible. Whether politics or procedure get in the way, the idea of collaborating on a sustainable, company-wide content marketing effort is easier said than done. But, one thing is painfully clear to every successful content strategist: You cannot rely on the market ...

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  • When Metrics Matter (And When They Don’t)

    Content Promotion, Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media, Shared Media Published 28 mins ago | By: Anton Rius In the days of traditional advertising, before the rise of digital, there used to be a very simple formula for calculating ROI. If you ran an ad campaign in a magazine over the course of a year, and at the end of that year your business was profitable, you would at ...

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  • Why Internal Storytelling Is Key to Your Company’s Content Strategy

    Content Marketing, Owned Media What comes to mind when you think of content strategy? If you’re like most businesses embracing a content marketing mindset, you understand the value of creating relevant and valuable content for your buyers through every stage of the purchase funnel. You may have a strategy to incentivize referrals and cross-selling opportunities through post-sale content.

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  • Collaborative Content Creation

    Content Marketing, Owned Media, Shared Media Published 1 min ago | By: Anton Rius Have you bought into the value of content marketing, only to realize how much of a struggle it is to get the rest of your company on board? You’re not alone. With the adoption of anything new within an organization, there are generally the champions of the cause, and a lot of people who nee ...

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  • Content Promotion: Your Link Is Not Enough

    Jay Baer refers to it as the digital dandelion: The idea that your content should be spread to as many places and platforms as possible to reach the widest possible audience. Many marketers already understand this to a degree. They create some content, and cast it out across their company’s social profiles, hoping that visitors will take the bait and be reeled back to their site to learn more.

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  • Brand Storytelling: Thinking Outside of the Blog

    Content marketing has gained a lot of steam over the past few years, with new brands jumping on the bandwagon every day. There’s no doubt that an effective content strategy can benefit your business. Through your content, you can tell stories that connect your values to those of your customers. When done effectively, your marketing can appeal to both the head and the heart of your audience.

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  • Brand Storytelling Beyond the Marketing Silo

    The activities that make up a compelling brand story are generally all lumped together under the umbrella of marketing. The marketing department creates the story, finds an effective way to tell it, and generates leads. Sales then walks those leads through the purchase process and converts them to customers. Customers are then handed off to service (and support, whenever there’s an issue).

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  • Content Promotion: Five Steps to Help Your Ideas Spread Faster

    I’m a big fan of a slow-growth strategy for content marketing. Slowly growing a small community of customers can be a powerful strategy over a long period of time. It takes longer, but over time you’ll be building deeper relationships with a smaller, more meaningful group of people. And while it’s appealing to think about you and your customers all sitting around a campfire si ...

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