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  • The Ultimate Interview Guide for Fresh Graduates

    A phrase that scares the life out of fresh graduates is “job interviews.” But little do they know that interviews are the only gateway to the corporate world. Interviews are the key to unlocking the first doors to their ideal professional lives. Being prepared for formal job interviews is indispensable, but it is simple too.

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  • What A Kickass Traffic-Generating Headline Is Made Up Of?

    In today’s information-driven digital landscape, each piece of content bears the sole aim of dragging maximum traffic. But, is it just the story that drags traffic, or is there something more that compels a reader to click your blog? Well, let’s first see what the facts show. A recent ‘Conductor study’ found that the well-framed headlines have higher CTR, compared to a good co ...

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  • Visual Content that Rules the Heart of Marketing

    Is a picture truly worth a thousand words? It is if you pay attention to statistics relating to visual content and online marketing. The marketing world is changing, due in large part to the proliferation of social media as the primary online communication platform, requiring marketers to adapt the way they do things to accommodate the way people receive and utilise information.

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  • Data-Backed Tips to Get More Traffic

    Published 1 min ago 29 Whether it is a new domain you registered a month ago, or an established site luring big deals online, the main goal remains to attract qualified traffic that eventually converts and generates sales for the business. If we take a quick look at the stats, the figures tell that 60 percent of direct traffic finds its way from the SERPs, but does th ...

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  • A 3 Point Formula to Simplify Content Creation

    Five years ago, I began creating content. I enjoyed the verbal carpentry, as long as my content manager was assigning the topics to me. But, with the role shift that saw my employer’s entire content management resting on my shoulders, I had a brush with a wider range of content creation challenges.

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