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  • Study Highlights Location Data Uses in Real Estate, Retail Analysis, Smart Cities

    Study Highlights Location Data Uses in Real Estate, Retail Analysis, Smart Cities October 20, 2016 by April Nowicki Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Location intelligence firm Cuebiq released a study this morning showcasing the kind of deep location data that its platform can reveal. For a month, Cuebiq tracked geo-behavioral patterns of anonymous consumers in the Westfiel ...

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  • Street Culture: Why Lunch Is a Big Deal at Euclid Analytics

    Lunch is an important ritual at Euclid Analytics, a digital marketing data and analytics company based in San Francisco. At six years old with about 40 employees, the company is currently in a growth phase, and will likely grow considerably in the next year. Euclid’s director of product, Alexander Reichert, says that for the three years he has worked for the company, the dai ...

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  • Street Culture: How RetailNext’s Growth Is Driven by Diversity

    In-store analytics company RetailNext will celebrate its ninth birthday in about a month. As the company has grown, according to CEO Alexei Agratchev, it has experienced two “productivity peaks,” where fewer people are doing a huge amount of work. Then new hires are brought on, and the productivity stays about the same for a few months as the growth potential is realized.

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  • Street Culture: Trans-Atlantic Travel Helps Unacast’s Team Build Trust

    Every month, one half of Unacast’s employees travel to visit the other half of the employees – the engineering team is located in Oslo, Norway and the commercial team is in New York City. The two-year-old beacon and proximity data startup adopted the company-wide travel schedule as a culture-building activity, giving employees a chance to connect while in the same time zone.

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  • Street Culture: After Layoffs Break Down Culture, Extole Works to Build It Anew

    Matt Roche is no stranger to botched transactions in company growth, and he doesn’t sugarcoat his failures. “There is one part of company culture that I have singularly failed at,” Roche, CEO of referral marketing company Extole. “One thing that I missed, that our people caught: that it’s too easy to get too serious.

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  • Street Culture: Ampush Employees Driving Company Reinvention

    Mobile advertising chameleon Ampush is powering through another iteration of reinvention, according to the company’s co-founder and COO, Aniket (Nick) Shah. The company’s current motivations are moving it toward end-to-end customer acquisition, Shah said. Previously, pivots have been introduced by employees, inspiring an accessible culture of open ideas and diversity.

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  • Street Culture: Promoboxx Links Incentives to Achievements

    Ben Carcio, CEO and co-founder of brand-to-local retailer marketing company Promoboxx, said that it dawned on him one day that his employees would probably enjoy perks of the job more if they all truly felt like they deserved them. “We had a team event, a bar crawl that took a while to plan, and in the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘What have we earned as a company that we ...

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  • Street Culture: Seattle Food Startup Delivers Culture to Chef Partners

    Lish, a two-year-old meal delivery startup in Seattle, is customer-focused, of course. But there’s one word that keeps coming up for the company’s nine employees: Chefs. Chefs are the secret winners of this startup concept, an idea that was driven by the frustrating moment when a busy commuter leaves work, realizes he has no food at home and can’t stomach the thought of anoth ...

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  • Street Culture: G/O Digital Building Community via Nerf Wars

    Friday. High noon. Ozzie Harris is working — wait, no, he’s being attacked by the Nerf-gun-armed paid advertising department. That’s a normal day at localized digital marketing company G/O Digital. Harris, an SEO team lead, said the good-natured competition between departments is something he loves about working there. “They allow you to be silly,” he said.

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  • Street Culture: Birdzi Finds ‘Liberation’ in Lack of Corporate Hierarchy

    It’s rare to catch a startup right in the moments before its popularity gains traction, and that pivotal shift is happening at Birdzi right now. Birdzi (as in a bird’s eye view) is a shopper engagement software company targeting mainly supermarkets, and it has potential to move into retail spaces in multiple industries. The service is up and running in 80 stores in the U.S.

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  • FiveStars Digs Deeper Into Customer Data to Get Beyond ‘Loyalty’

    While their initial iterations may have been about replacing merchants’ punchcards with digital equivalents, local loyalty companies are now more focused on using an increasingly deep trove of consumer data to promote repeat visits and better understand customer habits and inclinations. Street Fight recently caught up with FiveStars co-founder and CEO Victor Ho, who will be a ...

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  • Street Culture: Glympse Builds an Open Community to Empower Staff

    Like many startups, Seattle-based location sharing tech company Glympse relies heavily on employees to be efficient outside of their comfort zones. Co-founder and CEO Bryan Trussel says that he hopes Glympse is a fun and challenging place to work, and he believes empowering employees is one way to make sure that happens. “They have to be empowered,” Trussel said.

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  • Street Culture: Thirstie Holds Focus on Engagement and Slow Growth

    Street Culture is a feature where we take a closer look at the office culture and people at some of the most dynamic startups in the hyperlocal industry. Company founders repeat this all the time: to make your startup idea work, find a gap in an industry and aim to disrupt it. Co-founders of the alcohol delivery startup Thirstie saw a gap in the wine, beer, and spirits indus ...

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  • Street Culture: Collective Employee Mindset = Shuffleboard at Nextdoor

    “Looks like a shuffleboard is in our future.” Neighborhood community connection app Nextdoor is still a private company, said Margie Mader-Clark, VP of human resources. As such, sometimes they can’t offer lots of elaborate perks, like extensive game rooms, at their San Francisco headquarters. But it’s not about the perks, it’s about the people — and a collective employee mind ...

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  • Publishers Finding Success With Tech Niches Within Their Local Markets

    It was 2009, and two Bostonians were annoyed. They had a product — a cool one, maybe cooler than Facebook, but not timed quite right — and no one would cover it in the news. In Boston in 2009, the tech startup scene was still discovering itself, and the major local news outlets didn’t have their finger on the pulse of entrepreneurs.

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  • Grocery Delivery Options Reach Further Into Local Communities

    While online grocery ordering and local delivery may or may not be sustainable, some entrepreneurs are working to offer those options to a new type of customer: remote and low-budget shoppers and small local grocery chains. Matt Hatoun, founder of online buying club Wholeshare, believes that the delivery space is burning itself out by offering its services to mostly high-en ...

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  • March Brand Battle Redirect Page for Slider

    Luring Spring Breakers in a Hotel Battle Royale “Spring break” may bring with it images of wet t-shirt contests and noisy, drunken ragers, but it is also a big time for family travel across the U.S. According to travel booking site Orbitz, 61 percent of spring travelers will be families. What are they looking for? The reliability and trust of a brand-name hotel (31% will stay in a hotel v.

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