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  • IKEA Executes B2C Video Storytelling with Style

    I don’t think [innovation] requires someone who is just digitally savvy; it involves someone who’s a game-changer. You have to have conviction. You can’t let fear be the thing that stops you from moving forward – Alia Kemet, Integrated Marketing Week, 2015 Video is one of IKEA’s core content marketing approaches, and Alia Kemet, U.S. media and web manager, is a pro.

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  • Ingenious Storytelling Gets Great Response from Science Nerds

    In an age of such tremendous transparency with Glassdoor, Facebook, and other networks, you’ve come to a point where you are telling your story 24 hours a day. There’s a big dialogue going on. So you can let it happen to you or you can participate in it. Kathy Button Bell, chief marketing officer, Emerson The arrival of the 125th anniversary of Emerson gave CMO Kathy ...

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  • Scaling Content Marketing: How CSC Put the Content Hub to Work

    One of the keys to thought leadership-based communications on a global scale is to make relevant points that are focused on specific audiences that happen to be operating in a global environment. Patty Brown While content marketing may seem like an easier endeavor for large brands because they have bigger budgets, they actually are more challenged with every aspect of content marketing.

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