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  • How To Create Content Publishers Love: A Q&A With Kelsey Libert

    No matter what you call it — link building, content promotion, blogger outreach, relationship building, content outreach — getting online publishers to pay attention to your pitches is harder than ever. Kelsey Libert knows a thing or two about that. As VP of Marketing for Fractl, a digital marketing agency, Kelsey’s entire job focuses on creating and delivering content that ...

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  • Productivity Tools We Love: iDoneThis

    Almost every busy professional has some kind of to-do list. When I kept mine on paper in a reporter’s notebook, it felt great to draw a line through each item when I was finished. At the end of the workday, I would review what I had finished and tear the page out. New day, new list. Then I started using an app to manage my tasks.

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  • Why Perfectionists Make Great Content Marketers

    A colleague I respect — ever the pragmatic, realist type — occasionally reminds me: “Perfect gets in the way of good.” OK, OK. I get it. Sometimes people who strive for perfection can’t tell when something is good enough to go. But I say: “Good gets in the way of great.” I’m a perfectionist. And I’m tired of hearing that’s a major flaw professionally.

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  • Productivity Tools We Love: CoSchedule

    If you’re the editor of a blog, you know that the road to a consistent editorial calendar is paved with good intentions. And it usually ends in hell. It’s hard to create a regular publication schedule. It’s even harder to stick to one. You may have turned to various editorial calendar tools to help. So did we.

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  • Why This Engineer Writes Better Copy Than You

    Programmers are among the smartest people I know. They tend to be logical and thorough. Many are fluent in multiple languages "Plain English" isn't usually one of them, though — unless you're Brady Archambo, lead iOS and OSX engineer at Slack. Slack is team communication software that combines instant messaging, group chat, email and file sharing.

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  • 8 Easy Steps To Comply with Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law

    You don’t need to be a Canadian email marketer to take Canada’s new anti-spam law seriously. You don’t even have to have paying customers in Canada. If you maintain an email marketing list with addresses that end in .ca — or if you send bulk private messages via Facebook or LinkedIn — or if you have text message/SMS campaigns running that include Canadian telephone numbers — o ...

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  • 5 Places To Find Content Inspiration In A Dreary Office

    Wouldn't it be nice to write exactly where, when and how you wanted to? Imagine you could write the way Truman Capote did. In his interview with The Paris Review in 1957, he makes the author's life sound downright leisurely. "I am a completely horizontal author. I can't think unless I'm lying down, either in bed or stretched on a couch and with a cigarette and coffee handy.

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  • Take the Suck out of Time-Sucking Tasks

    It doesn’t matter where you work, or what kind of marketing you’re doing. Everyone has that one time-suck activity that they can’t seem to speed up or get rid of. Case in point: A publisher friend contacted me yesterday to ask I would be willing to share time-management advice with her team. She runs a new lifestyle magazine in Nashville, Tenn. with print, online and live-event components.

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