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  • Influencer Engagement: the New Digital Gold

    Published 1 min ago 38 If you don’t know where to invest your money in these times of turbulent stock markets, look no further: influence is the new “digital gold” for those who boast it (the famous influencers) and for the increasing number of brands who wish to leverage it. In fact, many people see opportunity in this new type of business.

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Influencer Engagement in 2015

    Published 53 mins ago 52 Brian Solis recently described Digital Influencers as the “new celebrities”. More than just that, influencer engagement is becoming one of the most popular tactics for marketers to strengthen and amplify their brand or product messaging for their audience. But are their strategies really getting results? What are the best practices and the most ...

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  • The Influencer Journey: From Amplification to Recommendation

    Imagine you are planning an upcoming product launch. You pick up the phone to buzz the most popular blogger in the entire sector without ever having met the lady. You offer her the chance to write about your favorite subject while promising to send her a couple of screenshots and pictures of your new product.

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  • The Key Metrics of Influencer Marketing

    Content Marketing, Earned Media, Executive's Corner, Influencer Outreach, Owned Media, Relationship Building Influencer marketing is now reaching maturity and is considered by many brands to be a powerful path to reach a hyper-segmented audience, raise awareness around their own content and, in some cases, even infer purchasing decisions.

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