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  • How Successful Software Companies Distribute Their Content

    This report analyzes how software companies take on the challenge of Inbound Marketing. It explores how they engage their audience, what content is working for them and how well they convert. It consists of 33 software companies, tracking 325 thousand unique monthly visitors, and more than 1.5 million content interactions. All data in this research was created with BrightInfo’s algorithm.

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  • Why You Only Need Real-Time Digital Marketing Tools

    Published 8 mins ago 38 The marketing technology vertical has almost quadrupled in the last two years. According to Chief Marketing Technologist, there were more than 1,900 vendors at the beginning of 2015 in this highly competitive industry—each offering a free trial (and the world) for those smart enough to choose it.

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  • 3 Challenges Content Marketing Will See In 2015

    Content Distribution, Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Executive's Corner, Owned Media, Paid Media, Shared Media, Social Promotion If you weren’t faced with the following three challenges in 2014, it is likely that you will be in 2015. These three challenges are largely why this publication – a destination for solutions to content visibility problems – exists.

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  • 4 Reasons Why Content Personalization Is Effective

    Content Promotion, Owned Media, Paid Media Content personalization increases conversion rates, boosts lead generation and cuts cost per leads. It might be intuitive to believe a personalized message is more effective than a one-size-fits-all message, but intuition isn’t the driving force here – the data is.

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  • What Is The Cost Of Online Leads?

    With HubSpot’s State of Inbound showing that a lead costs dozens of dollars for North American B2B companies, how can you calculate the cost of online leads and also drive said costs down? Calculating costs In general, the cost of online leads is driven by the cost of the traffic acquisition in addition to the cost of the call-to-action used, split by the number of leads generated.

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