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  • How to Strategize Social Content for Engagement

    In today’s hyper-connected age of social media, a stellar piece of content easily has the potential to go viral. Social shares offer an incredible amplification opportunity and are one of the easiest metrics to track, so it’s no surprise over half of marketers report such engagement metrics are the most common way they measure their social media success.

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  • 3 Billion Social Shares and What Brands Can Learn from Them

    In the five or so minutes it’ll take to read this, nearly 16 million Facebook posts will be liked, 2.1 million Tweets will be posted, and 1.4 million Snaps will be chatted. Needless to say, there’s quite a bit of content out there. Publishers, brands, and everyday users are constantly adding to the growing sea of content—exponentially so with each passing year. After analyzing 2.

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  • 3 Things You Need to Know About the Average Facebook User

    With the latest Facebook algorithm change—which places emphasis on posts from family and friends rather than Pages and publishers—social media marketers must understand, now more than ever, the sharing habits and motivations of their Facebook audience in order to maintain and grow their organic reach while engaging followers.

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  • 4 Proven Ways to Improve Content Marketing Success

    Interruptive one-way marketing tactics using traditional legacy outlets and even newer digital mediums are being shunned more and more by consumers. The slow decline of traditional print and broadcast advertising along with the rise of online adblockers prove outbound methods are losing their efficacy, regardless of the channel. So how can brands reach today’s consumers? Cue content marketing.

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