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  • Transferwise Review: Transfer Money Overseas For Just 1%

    Do you have to charge your clients via Paypal or bank transfer? Or maybe just send money overseas? You probably lose a boatload of money in the transaction, right? I do, and it really annoys the hell out of me. On average I lose about 3-5% when I use paypal, and with the banks, maybe a little bit less.

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  • Keyword Modifiers Will Help You Beat The Competition On Google

    If you want to beat the competition on Google you have to try something different. Yes, you could try running naked down Main Street, but I have something a little bit different in mind. Something a little simpler. Keyword modifiers. Sounds kinda boring, right? Like Newtonian Physics or Ancient Egyptian Basket Weaving.

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  • Finding Content Ideas In A Crowded Niche

    You need to come up with new content. Constantly. But, your niche is packed full of epic content already. And, you have no idea where to start! Fear not my young content creator, help is on the way. In this post I am going to share with you some ways to overcome this problem. Not only will you have lots of great content ideas, but you will also potentially be able to rank for them.

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  • Thrive Architect Tutorials: Make The Most Of This Page Builder

    Thrive Architect is a powerful new page builder from the team at Thrive. If you haven't seen how it works yet, you can check out my review here. This new plugin is so powerful, I am starting to wonder if soon I will be out of a job as a web designer! OMG But there is also a downside: to create really stunning pages and websites you need to know how to use the tool (very well).

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  • How To Set Up Yoast For WordPress – Tips & Tricks

    Yoast is one of the most popular and powerful SEO plugins for WordPress. The problem is, that most people do not take the time to set it up properly. So, in this post, I am going to show you some of the simplest and most useful settings to improve your SEO using Yoast. Titles & Metas - Don't Waste Indexing Every single thing in WordPress will be found and indexed (pu ...

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  • Getting Google Traffic From Scratch – How Easy Can It Be?

    ​ Let me start with the bad news. The reason you are not getting more traffic from Google is because you are doing the wrong things. It's ok though, because I was too. Then I figured out what the key to Google traffic was. Sure, there are over 200 ranking factors, but most of them are not that important.​ And once I figured that out, my SEO results started to change. Big time.

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  • Youtube Keyword Research Tools – The Ultimate List

    Google is quite saturated and difficult to rank on in competitive industries.​ Facebook is charging for ads (and Instagram and LinkedIn are following close behind). So, what alternatives do you have? Youtube!​ Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. 3000000000 searches / month There are over 3 billion searches a month Youtube (here are even more cr ...

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  • Google Site Links: Dominate Your Search Results

    One of my students asked me a SEO question a few weeks ago. A question that made me stop in my tracks. It was actually a pretty simple question, but it was one I had never been asked before. "How do you get those site links below your website on Google search results?" Now, that my friends is an very good question.​ This post is my answer to that question and much much more...

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  • Google Hates Popups On Mobile (And What To Do Instead)

    Have you heard about the Google Mobile Interstital Penalty they are going to roll out on the 10th of January?​ Yes, another big slap from Google is coming (I wish I did not have to just write such negative posts all the time! I have not even moved to HTTPS yet)​ And even if it turns out not to be that big, it's worth paying attention to it - because they have our visitors in mind!​ OK, So Wh.

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  • HTTPS in 2017 – The Ship Is Going To Hit The Fan!

    I have some great news for you! SEO is going to get even simpler in 2017! Woo hoo, let's all do a little dance.​ via GIPHY Sorry, I was only joking. I hate dancing. (Aussies can't dance anyway - remember, we were all criminals exported from the UK) Things just got a little bit more annoying on the SEO, WordPress and HTTPS front.

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  • Organic vs Paid Search Ads – Are You Wasting Your Money?

    Deciding between Organic or Paid Search Ads can be a tough decision for a business owner. And like with any business decision, it really pays to understand what it is your are deciding between. What kinds of costs are involved with ads, and what are the returns? Is Google search the free ride we all think it is? In this post I am going to show you in depth the kinds of thin ...

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  • 5 Must Have Tools For Killer SEO

    Are you overwhelmed by all the SEO tools available? Or maybe you just have no idea where to start? ​Rather than bombard you with 150+ SEO tools that will still get you nowhere, I am going to show you ONLY 5 types of tools you need to achieve success in SEO. It does not have to be complex or confusing. In fact, my aim is always to boil things to down to their simplest form possible.

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