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  • Amplify Your Blog Content and Social Sharing w/ Ann Smarty

    Have you ever struggled to write enough content for your website? Or maybe, once you have the content, no one is sharing it! Well, you are not alone my friend, it is something many of us struggle with, especially in the beginning. But guess what? Not only are you not alone, but there is an amazing set out tools out there to help you solve these problems! And quite a few o ...

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  • Leveraging Personal Brands on Social Media w/ Jacob Curtis

    In today’s podcast I speak with Jacob Curtis, who used his personal brand to make a name for the company he works for. Many bloggers and small business owners spend a lot of time creating a personal brand. You get your name out there with amazing content. You make connections and collect followers like baseballs cards. But many people on social media actually have a “normal” job.

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  • How to Hire Freelancers to Free Up Your Time

    When your business or blog starts to grow, you might find that you just don’t have enough time in the day. This is a problem we all face, and there are a number of ways you can solve this. Becoming more productive is one way. And I have spoken to the Productive Super Dad before on this podcast to help you get some ideas on how to improve there. But sometimes that just isn’t enough.

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  • Do You Know Where Your Business is Going?

    Wandering the world without a goal is a little bit meaningless. The same goes for your business or blog. You may go for a while, simply spinning your wheels, but without any direction you won’t last long. We all have the same problem at some point, and I have recently gone through the process of focusing my business.

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  • Klout: Measuring Your social Media Influence w/ Susan Gilbert

    Times are changing my friend. The days of only movie stars getting free hotel upgrades are gone. The time has come where social media influencers and powerful bloggers have an impact on the world. And now that your every move is tracked on the internet, there is of course a way to measure this. It’s called Klout. It is not the only tool of it’s kind, but it is definitely making an impact.

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  • Grab People’s Attention Even If You’re a Blogging Nobody

    Getting people’s attention in the noisy online world is tough. In fact, according to Wikipedia: On 20 February 2014, there were around 172 million Tumblr and 75.8 million WordPress blogs in existence worldwide. And that is not including other platforms like Blogger and non-Wordpress sites. So competition is fierce, and you need to do something a little different to get noticed.

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  • MLP010: Why Webinars are Great for Growing Your List w/ Sarah Santacroce

    Are you looking for a way to exponentially grow your mailing list? Not getting the results you expected from that ebook giveaway? Me neither! There are lots of ideas out there on how to grow your email list. No, I am not talking about buying a list from a suspicious character you met on the train this morning! I am talking about ideas like: Conversion optimization (usin ...

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