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  • Marketing in the 'stream'

    Earlier this year Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, gave a keynote address where he talked about three characteristics of the era we’re living in: internet everywhere, fast and easy media creation and ephemerality. Snapchat is particularly known for the third of those, of course; the evaporating selfie, capturing a ‘moment of me, now’ has become an incredibly popular form of self-expression.

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  • A surprising possible future for identity online?

    “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” This adage began as a cartoon caption by Peter Steiner and was published by The New Yorker in July 1993. It became extremely popular. Indeed it has earned Steiner over $50,000 from its reprinting. But this points to a problem. We marketers extol the powers of personalisation, the merits of relevancy, targeting, customisation, segmentation.

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  • Marketing Cycle 2014 - London to Paris - roundup

    Last Thursday around 50 brave marketing, digital and creative professionals set off on bike. Half to ride to Brighton in one day and the rest to push on to Paris over another two days. Around 250 miles in total. This was the inaugural Marketing Cycle hosted by Centaur Media plc's marketing, digital and creative brands (including Marketing Week, Econsultancy, Design Week, Creat ...

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  • Predictive marketing: a new dimension?

    At Econsultancy we do a number of events and research focused on B2B marketing. Indeed the upcoming Festival of Marketing has a whole stage dedicated to it. A recurring theme is the relationship between sales and marketing. In most B2B organisations, sales is still the dominant function. We often hear that sales and marketing should work more closely to together, focus on t ...

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  • 3D printing - check me out!

    I'm intrigued by 3D printing. It feels like there might be something in it. It could revolutionise business models and customer experiences in a way that is almost as disruptive as ecommerce and digital have been. You used to go to a shop to buy something; then you could phone to order it; then you could go online, or on your phone, to see it and buy it; but what if you could ...

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  • IBM on its agile marketing strategy: the theory and the practice

    I have written a lot about the opportunities of adopting an agile marketing approach. However, it is quite hard to find many examples of this being practiced yet, particularly at any kind of scale, and even more particularly by organisations that are not start-ups. IBM is one such example and it is great to see B2B marketing leading the way here.

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