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  • Getting to know your co-workers? Try these 3 icebreakers

    Getting to know your coworkers at a big agency can be tough when everyone works on different teams and in different offices. When I first joined 3Q’s Chicago office back in July, I didn’t know anyone, so I was determined to change that. Using my knowledge of icebreakers and community-building activities from my days as a college RA, I started running a few in-office activities.

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  • Get Started with Bulk Location Targeting in AdWords and Bing

    Get Started with Bulk Location Targeting in AdWords and Bing Posted: 05.17.2016 Search marketers love getting our hands on as many targeting options as possible. Location targeting is a favorite among SEM pros because you can select exactly where you want your ads to show. The good news is that customers like it, too.

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  • How to Upload HTML5 Ads in Google AdWords

    How to Upload HTML5 Ads in Google AdWords Posted: 04.25.2016 If you’re familiar with the Google Display Network, you already know that you can serve both text and image ads within your AdWords campaigns. But did you know you can also serve HTML5 ads to your targeted users? Uploading HTML5 ads is easier than you think, as long as you have the right creatives. Here’s how to do it. 1.

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  • Get the Lowdown from the Bing Ads Connect Tour

    Last week, Bing made a stop in the Windy City as part of its Bing Ads Connect tour. A couple of 3Qers made it out to the event and got to hear about Bing’s product roadmap, learn a few tricks, and walk away with some cool new swag! Here’s what’s next for Bing as well as some key takeaways from the event.

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