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  • Facebook’s New Dynamic Ads Update Steps Up the Remarketing Game

    Facebook is making an update to their Dynamic Ads that will better display relevant ads to users. The technology behind this update is similar to how pay-per-click ads are shown to users based on search results and keywords. Advertisers will be able to remarket even more effectively to users based on actual purchase intent.

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  • Tune In: 16 Podcasts Made For Digital Marketers

    A new year is always a great time to reflect on how to improve yourself. One of the best ways to self improve is through furthering education. Podcasts offer a convenient way to allow us marketers to learn new tricks of the trade, as well as hear from some of the industry’s best. The problem comes down to time, though. We are all very busy.

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  • Find Your Photos: Best Stock Photo Websites

    Businesses need stock photos way more than you think they do. Each time a new blog post is published it needs a featured image, as well as a few images throughout the post. Every new website needs header images, vectors, and stock photos throughout the pages. Flyers, email newsletters, landing pages, videos, and social media posts all use stock photos.

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  • YouTube Marketing 101 in an Era Where Video Rules

    With over a billion users on YouTube and hundreds of millions of hours of video watched each day, it’s easy to see how popular video content has become. Moving into 2017, video will have even more of an appearance on websites, landing pages, social media posts, and email newsletters. Get a head start on video content by creating a branded YouTube channel now and start marketin ...

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  • Market Your Business in 2017 with These Tactics

    Some things never change when it comes to marketing, despite the year. We all have our goals to meet and ultimately money to make. In order to maintain ROI, we need to adapt to the constant change of digital marketing and embrace each year’s newest trends in some way shape or form. Marketing is evolving even further with technology as we move into 2017.

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  • Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2017

    It can be a bit convoluted, our Twitter feeds, but these feeds are ways to discover new updates, build new relationships, read blog posts, and discover hiring opportunities. As we slowly move into 2017, now is as better of a time as any to go through your followers and see if you’re following the right people.

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  • 5 Tips to Survive Content Marketing in 2017

    As we near the end of 2016, it’s only natural to start thinking of new and innovative ways to take content marketing up a notch in the new year. Just about everyone from the realm of digital marketing benefits in some way shape or form from content marketing – impacting us all. With the constant evolution of digital marketing and technology, content marketing is forced to keep ...

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  • Why You Need to Start Thinking Local

    Location, location, location. Some of your best customers are right outside your door, down the street, and around the corner. And instead of focusing on who’s directly in front of you, you’re spending countless marketing dollars and efforts trying to target the whole country, or the world. It’s an overwhelming task trying to market your product or brand to the entire world all at once.

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  • 9 Reasons SEO’s Should Be Thankful This Holiday

    Tis the season to reflect and be thankful! Luckily, there’s a lot to be thankful for in the world of SEO this year. As always change happened, updates were made, and panic buttons were hit. Regardless of the added stress and pressure SEO’s get from year to year, there is still plenty of reason to have gratitude. I’m talking about for more than just your job.

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  • How to Create an Annual Marketing Budget That Doesn’t Go Overboard

    Marketing budgets help us stay on track. They allow us to analyze and determine ROI, as well as give us marketers oversight on what we have to work with and what areas we can improve on financially. Even though budgets are never as high as we’d like them to be, planning a budget for the upcoming year helps to allocate costs appropriately, and find areas where the budget may have some wiggle room.

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  • Win at Holiday Marketing With These Tips From the Pros

    It’s officially November and before we know it, the holidays will be among us. Although it’s my favorite time of the year, for many others, it’s their most stressful time of the year. As we all scram together to plan accordingly and launch as many new holiday campaigns as we can before 2017 hits, here’s a few holiday tips from digital marketing pros.

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  • Understanding Google’s AMP, a Year Later

    Google released AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, in 2015 to help speed up websites for mobile users and create a faster and improved overall mobile search experience. A year later and several businesses still have no idea what AMP is and why they need it for their mobile websites. The big boys like Ebay, Reddit, and Buzzfeed have all jumped on the AMP train optimizing millions o ...

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  • Pubcon 2016: The Digital Marketing Conference Recap

    Pubcon Las Vegas 2016 was one for the books! Tons and tons of digital marketers from all realms of the industry gathered together the second week of October to share and learn digital marketing best practices and gather with new and familiar faces. As always, there was plenty of great times had in the “family-like” atmosphere that Pubcon provides it’s attendees and speakers.

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  • How to Monetize Using Facebook’s Instant Articles

    Facebook released Instant Articles to publishers as a way to showcase interactive articles within the social network. The intent was to improve how articles are read from Facebook by placing fast loading articles within the app, and not redirecting users to an external website. And, as Facebook does, they found a way to not only improve user experience but also to make money.

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  • Working With Freelancers: A Guide to Hiring Freelancers in the Digital Marketing World

    Own your own business? Ready to take some of the workload off of you and start outsourcing? Hiring a digital marketing freelancer may be the solution for your social media, content, advertising, and SEO tasks. The benefits to hiring a freelancer is not only freeing up your schedule to allow you to work on other tasks, but when you hire someone who specializes in a specific fie ...

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  • You’re Invited to Our Pubcon Get-Together

    Dear Pubcon Attendees, You’re invited! On Wednesday night, October 12, the AuthorityLabs team will be buying your drinks from 5pm-6pm. Have an open schedule after a full day of digital marketing sessions on Wednesday? Planning on going to the US Search Awards Wednesday night? Perfect! Stop by the official Pubcon hotel lounge, The Breeze Bar, and get to know the AuthorityLabs ...

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  • An SEO’s Guide to Pubcon: The Perfect SEO Session Schedule

    Pubcon is full of all types of digital marketers. Some attendees specialize in multiple aspects in the industry, whereas others are solely addicted to link building, are mass content producers, or are keyword researchers. That’s one of the many beauties of Pubcon; is it’s array of attendees all supporting the same industry with different skill sets.

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  • Content Marketing Tips From Content Marketing Experts

    Less than half of B2B marketers claim to be doing content marketing effectively. Either these types of marketers are too modest or over 58% of them are unsure how to market content the right way. With over 60% of marketers creating new content daily, there’s an excessive amount of content users have to sift through each day.

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