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  • 15 SEO Blogs and Podcasts to Keep You on Track

    A wise man once told me that you should spend half of your work day doing work, and the other half of the day learning. In an industry as ever changing and advanced as digital marketing is, this is a statement to live by. There are nonstop updates we need to keep track of and adapt to, as well as a work flow that can change from month-to-month.

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  • Think You’re Cut Out to Rank on Page One? Take This SEO Quiz

    Not everyone has what it takes to rank on page one. Showing up on page one of search results is the number one request by business owners, and can also be the hardest and most time-consuming to accomplish. Think you’re up for the challenge? Test your knowledge of SEO and what it takes to rank on page one of search results with this short quiz designed to see if you and your bu ...

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  • Must Have Tools For Digital Marketing Agencies

    Let’s be honest. We all use tools to make our jobs easier, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Tools are handy and allow us to work more efficiently, gain deeper analytics, and makes reporting a whole heck of a lot easier. For agencies, tools can be a lifeline. Agency life means managing a normal work load x 5, or however many clients you have at a time.

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  • Boost Your Traffic From Social Media With These Tips

    There’s a whole lot more you can do with social media then posting baby updates. Driving traffic to a website and increasing clicks is one of those many things businesses can utilize social media for. Generate traffic and conversions on platforms that your demographic is actually on, and is on for around 2 hours out of the day.

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  • 9 Content Hacks to Help You Learn from Your Competitors

    Businesses are often uneasy about their competitors, and for good reason. It’s natural, as there’s of course a rivalry for market share, internet headspace, and the bottom line. What many businesses fail to do, thanks to the emotional surge that goes along with the whole process, is to look critically at their competitors and learn from them.

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  • Growing Importance of Local SEO and How to Conquer It

    Google makes heavy updates to its algorithms at least couple of times a year. Minor updates are always rolling out from the search giant, but it is the major updates that worry SEO professionals the most. The last major update from Google was Penguin 4.0 with two big changes: 1) It treats every page of the website separately 2) Penguin now evaluates websites while it crawls their content.

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  • SEO Content Audit: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Websites are a living, breathing form of communication. Unlike print, online content can be molded as needs change and reformatted to fit the current requirements of the market. We have a tendency to throw up content and then forget about it, but that’s not constructive and is far from beneficial. The internet is full of content that’s stale, outdated, irrelevant, and boring.

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  • 3 Daily SEO Tactics You Should Start Today

    Perhaps the most common misnomer about SEO is that it’s static. It’s not. In fact, the best way to approach SEO is to constantly mold the process that you’re using. SEO is a living and breathing art form. Some would argue it’s a tedious art form, but nonetheless there is still a rhythm to it’s success. It requires consistent updating and supervision in order to bring results.

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  • Link Building Tips For Any Size Business: Q&A With Joe Youngblood

    Link building is a constantly evolving SEO strategy. What used to be white hat techniques has now for the most part become black hat, leaving very few white hat options still around. This means SEO’s need to get creative when it comes to link building and expand outside the realm of just asking for guest posts.

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  • Help Your Customers Find You on Mobile: Local SEO Tips From the Experts

    Half of all potential sales are lost simply because consumers are unable to find the information they’re looking for, especially on mobile devices. This could be your business information, such as the phone number, address, or name, that customers are having trouble locating on their mobile devices. This type of local SEO mistake can cost a business countless missed opportunities.

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  • Google Cracks Down on False and Offensive Content

    Google is finally ready to address the excessive amounts of false and offensive content appearing in their search results. Removing false and offensive content from populating in their giant search engine isn’t going to be a quick process, though. It will take Google a long time to filter through and remove all of the inaccurate and hateful content, as well as develop a strateg ...

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  • Psychological Marketing Strategies That Work

    What makes a customer want to buy a product? What makes them become loyal to a brand? Consumer behavior is incredibly interesting, and sometimes the answers are a lot simpler than us marketers make them out to be. A lot of a consumer’s purchase decisions can be explained by their psychological habits and behaviors – why and how they think.

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  • Digital Commercials: The Many Channels You Can Advertise On

    Commercials aren’t just for television. The digital world has many, many opportunities for commercials. If you’ve pursued just about every type of marketing avenue and are running out of ideas, or just need a new and fresh approach to your marketing strategy, I highly recommend giving digital commercials a try. Any industry can find some type of benefit in advertising commercials online.

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  • Learn How to Market to Millennials From a Millenial

    Hi, I’m Ashley and I’m classified as a “millennial”. I’m also one of the hardest generations to market to digitally. I come equipped with a digital and marketing-focused mindset. I’m tech-heavy, can type faster than most, and can see spam from a mile away. Marketers are having to compete for my attention among all of the other digital activity I partake in on a daily basis.

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  • Write Better Text Ads: Improve Your CTR With These Text Ad Tips

    Writing advertisements is challenging. We’re essentially trying to craft copy that asks someone we’ve never met to make an action, and we’re willing to pay for them to make that action. The action is usually something simple, like clicking through from an ad and landing on a web page or calling a business directly from an ad.

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  • How AuthorityLabs Helped Us Increase Our Revenue by $200,000 This Year

    There’s quite a few different rank tracking softwares out there. We like to think that ours is pretty darn good. We really think that when customers like Synup tell us how they made $200,000 in revenue in just one year by using our software. Our software allows customers to do a whole lot more than just track rankings.

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