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  • 10 Conference Hacks to Help You Crush Marketing Event Attendance

    In my career as a marketer, I have attended more events and conferences than I can count. Events (especially those that span multiple days) are filled with so much information and it can quickly become overwhelming. By the second day you may feel that your brain is bulging with new information and you can’t possibly retain what you’ve learned.

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  • 5 Digital Marketing Brain Training Exercises to Keep You Sharp

    Over the years, we’ve all developed some bad habits as marketers. Some may be a result of our environment, while others have been self inflicted. As more and more bad habits enter our digital marketing routine, there is less room for healthy exercises to keep us strong. The most recent CMO Survey uncovered that CMOs consistently rate the level of their staff’s marketing knowledge as average.

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  • Agency Life: My Top Tips for Thriving at a Bustling Digital Marketing Agency

    When I tell people that I work for a digital marketing agency, I’m sure they envision a version of the scenarios below: Photo Credit: The Hotel Marketing Blog Perception of what you do, versus what you actually do are two completely different things. For most of us, our time isn’t spent sipping martinis and developing large-scale ad campaigns for major B2C brands.

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  • 10 B2C Brands Crushing it with Instagram Video Content in 2017

    The writing on the wall became very apparent last year: 2017 would be the year of video. In almost every marketing predictions post for 2017, video was highlighted as an area that marketers need to incorporate in order to remain competitive. Video offers a great format for telling your story (or more importantly, the story of your customers) and connecting with your target audience.

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  • 5 Email Marketing Platforms for the Modern Marketer

    Email marketing has stood the test of time. The first email marketing campaign was sent in the 1970’s and the early 1990’s saw the first mobile email experience. No matter how many new tactics come on the market, email is still a strong force. In fact, recent research has found that email marketing is 40% more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Cracking the Code: 3 Steps to Building Influence with Content Marketing

    Stories like Indiana Jones, The Goonies and Sherlock Holmes have all taught us a very important (and sometimes frustrating) life lesson: If you want to find the artifact/treasure/bad guy, you have to crack the code! Even with all of the information available to us as marketers today, there is still so much mystery surrounding the “perfect” combination for content marketing success.

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  • The Future of Influencer Marketing: Top Predictions for 2017

    In the past, the SEO battle was focused on either black hat, or white hat tactics. Black hat SEO was considered extremely aggressive and didn’t typically play by the rules of search engines. White hat SEO tactics on the other hand were typically closely aligned with search engine guidelines. Today’s world of SEO looks much different (and it’s about time).

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  • The Future of Influencer Marketing: Top Predictions for 2017

    The buyer journey has changed, and will only continue to evolve. Clean funnels that marketers used to use to determine their digital marketing strategy are a thing of the past. Today’s consumers can take many different paths (at their own pace) to discover the products and solutions that work best for them.

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  • The Future of Content Marketing: Experts Share Content Predictions for 2017

    At a time in the not so distant future 2016 will come to a close and many content marketers will reflect on 2016 and think, “Man was that unfair!”. They’ve tightened their belts, worked hard to develop a content strategy and tried to stay up on latest content trends. But the sad reality is that content still isn’t having the business impact that they had anticipated.

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  • Curb End-of-Year Marketing Burnout with These Digital Marketing Quick Tips

    For many marketers, the holiday season is one of their busiest times of year. But let’s face it, focusing on solving your top marketing problems when you have a holiday party to go to and a new year just around the corner isn’t always easy. This year, let’s change our perspective. Instead of letting things slip with the notion that you’ll pick back up in the new year, finish ...

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  • 12 Reasons The TopRank Marketing Team is Thankful for Our Clients

    Today is Thanksgiving and for many people around the nation, that means gathering with friends and family to give thanks for the things that they have, and the things they’ve learned. This year, our team at TopRank Marketing would like to shine a light on some of our clients and give thanks for the many ways that they have inspired and guided our team over the years.

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