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  • Month In Numbers – January 2017

    Now that 2016 has come to an end and marketing plans are being finalised for 2017, let’s check out a few year end stats on everything from content marketing, to video, to the most valuable retail brand in the world! 86% As content marketing has grown leaps and bounds in 2016 social media marketing is now considered to be part of a normal digital strategy with 86% of B2B companies making use of .

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  • Month In Numbers – November 2016

    Whether or not you’ve started your holiday shopping, the end of November tends to be the biggest push in consumer purchasing for this quarter. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just passed, the amount of money spent was absolutely staggering. How does this balance between desktop and mobile? Will we see further argument for the necessity of mobile-first? Read on to find out..

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  • Month In Numbers – October 2016

    October’s Month In Numbers is getting off to an early start! Hailing from the rise of m-commerce to the falls of Samsung’s shares, we’ve got a whole range of digital marketing numbers and stats for you this month! Enjoy, and remember to share or add a comment below! Going out on a low note Leading up to, and shortly after it’s release, the Galaxy Note 7 from electronics giant, Samsung, was rega.

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  • Attacat Reading List #1

    In order to stay ahead in the digital world, it is important that we are always learning and moving forward. This is a mantra that the Attacats hold dear and we try to regularly take a few minutes out of our day to read the latest digital marketing news. This sharing of information, even just within the office, is what keeps us going and on top of things.

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  • Attacat Shortlisted for Google Premier Partner Awards

    We have to say, there’s nothing like arriving to work early on a Monday morning to find the agency has been shortlisted for no less than 4 of the 8 awards at this year’s Google Premier Partner Awards 2016! via GIPHY This comes after a record year for our agency and we couldn’t be more excited. First selected as a Google Premier Partner back in July, this honour proves our ha ...

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  • Month In Numbers – September

    A bit behind this month with your numbers, but luckily for us, stats never sleep! Due to the tardiness, I’ve thrown a few extras in for you including some interesting numbers from September from various sectors including digital marketing, blogging, transportation and banking! Impulse buying is in 92 percent of people who researched a product on a mobile device made a purchase within a day.

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  • #nmbrek Attacat’s 2016 Presentations

    Great news! This month you get not one but TWO Attacat New Media Breakfast presentations. We’ve had the pleasure of presenting two topics at 4 breakfasts over the course of 2016 and have got them both in this wonderful wee package of a post. Sadly, you won’t get the additional script and chat that comes along with the events but hope you’ll still find at least one nugget of int ...

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  • Month in Numbers – July 2016

    This month, we’re hitting you with numbers we consider one in a million..or one million..of a billion? From the biggest mobile game in U.S history to a new partnership in artificial intelligence and healthcare, July 2016 has been a jam packed month of huge numbers! Enjoy! $1 billion This is how much Anglo-Dutch consumer good company, Unilever, paid for startup Dollar Shave Club last month.

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  • Month in Numbers: June 2016

    Welcome to another edition of Month In Numbers. This month we’re discussing buy-outs, social media’s influence on buying decisions and first impressions! Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion Last month, Microsoft bought LinkedIn for an incredible $26.2 billion. What turned into a bidding war involving CRM leader Salesforce, finally came to an end when LinkedIn chose to neg ...

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  • Discovering the Moz Keyword Explorer

    The wizards of Moz (ha) are back again with an exciting new tool for we eager SEO’ers. Released back in May, the Keyword Explorer has been a long time coming and some even believe that it is the only keyword research tool you need. While we’re still in the experimental stages and are not quite ready to abandon our precious Google Keyword Planner quite yet, it’s definitely provi ...

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  • Month in Numbers: May 2016

    Apologies for running a bit behind on Month in Numbers this time around! The Attacat office has been all a-flutter with the hiring of new staff and even a new Attakitten to add to the bunch! Hope you’re ready for some crunchy numbers…as these ones are tasty! “Each episode of House of Cards you watch in HD results in almost 30kg of CO2 emissions – just for bandwidth used.

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  • Month In Numbers: April 2016

    statsSpring is finally here in Edinburgh, and with it comes a fresh round of digital marketing stats for April! With Zach heading to ‘Straya for the month, I’ve hijacked the numbers game and am ready to bring you some serious, mind-blowing statistics! (Complete with excitable exclamation marks!……!!) To make this edition of Month in Numbers “my own” I’ve decided to keep to a theme.

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  • Attacat upcoming events

    April looks like it’s shaping up to be a busy month at the Attacat HQ! With an assortment of new clients coming onboard, as well as a recent hiring drive for a new entry level Digital Marketing Exec, the office is positively buzzing! This month is also exciting as you’ll be able to catch Tim out and about speaking at a couple of local events! Talent Spotting: how do small businesses recruit? Thi.

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  • We’re hiring! Entry level/graduate digital marketing executive role

    Join the team Great news for those of you out there graduating this year, or looking for a career change. We have launched (just today!) a search for a new graduate entry level Digital Marketing Executive to be based at our office on George St, Edinburgh. This will be the perfect first step to get your feet on the ladder of digital marketing, and we are looking for someone who ...

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  • Optimising your LinkedIn profile #nmbrek

    Thursday morning I had the pleasure of attending my first New Media Breakfast in Edinburgh with the topic this month being LinkedIn, presented by Gordon White from fatbuzz in Glasgow. While it required me to get out of bed much earlier than usual (and fill myself to the brim with coffee), I was intrigued about how we could further harness LinkedIn to be much more than just a gl ...

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  • Meet The Social Squad keeping you bang up to date on #attamadness!

    They say you should never leave the interns in charge of social media….and that’s just one of the golden rules we’ll be breaking on Monday! As you know, we’ve set ourselves the daunting challenge of using the extra day of 29th February to build a brand new business from scratch. So if that isn’t a high enough ante already, we thought we’d up it a little more by turning our soc ...

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  • Get hired in 2016!

    It is with great delight that we discovered just today, that Linked In has released their updated list (global and country-specific) of the 25 hottest skills of 2015! We always look forward to this list as it reinforces the major skills we, too, tend to look for in new hires. With big plans on the horizon this year, we are proud to announce that a hiring wave will take place ov ...

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