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  • Why designers and marketers need to collaborate in 2016

    The practical job of a designer and a marketer may be different but at the end of the day they both have the same goal. Recently I listened to a webinar from InVision, a great collaborative prototyping and design review tool we use all the time. In the webinar they sit down with Vice President of Marketing at Crayon, Dan Slagen, to discuss the topic: ‘The importance of design ...

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  • 2016 Web Design Trends

    With a new year comes a whole new list of web design trends. I’ve read a few different articles and compiled a list of useful design trends for digital marketers to consider in 2016. Cinemagraph courtesy of 1. Cinemagraphs As we continue to see an increase in the use of gifs and videos on websites, you might want to give cinemagraphs a try.

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  • How to conduct & participate in a design review

    Back in June I attended the UX Scotland conference, one of my favourite sessions of the day was about design reviews and how to effectively conduct and participate in one. I enjoyed the session, hosted by Everett Mckay, because he got you to think about the review process not only from the designers perspective but from point of view of the people participating.

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  • Wilderness Scotland sends the Attacats on a culinary adventure

    We have some amazing clients and it is a rare occurrence that we get to partake in their activities or experience the great things that they have to offer. However, this past Thursday we were contacted by our client Russell Murray who is the Business Development Manager at Wilderness Scotland inviting three members of our team to take part in a private 2 hour cooking lesson at ...

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  • Make Your Display Ads Better Than Your Competitors

    I am used to seeing display ads all the time, well pretty much every time I do a search on Google, so have therefore become a bit immune to them. However I was browsing the web one day and a display ad caught my eye, it was one by travel brand Expedia. It was different from your standard display ad as it provided me with a fact before ending on its final call to action screen.

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  • Lost In Translation: How to Communicate with a Graphic Designer

    Image courtesy of[/caption] Here is my simple guide for account managers on how to communicate with your graphic designer. Your job as a client account manager is to ensure that your designer has a clear understanding of what you want from them. This includes what your expectations are when it comes to delivering work, this is key so that you are on the same page.

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  • Designer Meats Burger: Does the best designed menu produce the tastiest burger?

    You probably already know that you can find cookies and breadcrumbs on the web, but low and behold the newest edition to the food name family, the ‘Hamburger’. You’ve likely seen ‘the Hamburger’ as the menu icon on mobile applications, but it is slowly making its way onto desktop websites. Along with design, another (more foodie) passion of mine is burgers, I love them and wo ...

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