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  • Was there a Google algorithm update in September?

    There have been reports of a huge amount of volatility in search results over the weekend of 3 September, and while it’s ‘early days’ we’re starting to see impacts of what is likely a core update to the Google ranking algorithm. Both Mozcast and Algaroo have shown a big spike in movement in the Google search results pages: What’s been affected? It looks as though there has b ...

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  • Using Chrome’s inspect element for SEO checks

    Chrome’s developer tools are excellent and a must-use for SEOs. Here’s a quick run-through of the features we most regularly use: How do I access Chrome developer tools? Simple press F12 on your keyword or right-click on a page and select ‘inspect element’ from the contextual menu. The benefit of inspect element is it immediately shows you information about the element on the p ...

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  • Image copyright: what you MUST know in 2016

    You want to make your blog post look nice with an attractive image, so you go and grab one from Google image search or buy one from a stock photo site. Little do you know you could later be hit by a claim for hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer nor legally trained. This post is intended to gather together experience from our team and further research.

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  • Quickly revolutionise website appeal with tasty headlines

    Here are some quick-fire tips for improving the appeal of your content and online presence through effective headline copywriting. Immediate transparency When an uninformed user visits any page on your site is it immediately obvious to them what the business does? You work there so you know what you do, and this can really cloud your judgement on headlines and what really has clarity.

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  • #Searchlove day 1: A pedant’s review

    Phew; a packed schedule and a very warm presentation room for SearchLove today. Some great speakers and some surprisingly good food, but 9am till 6pm of presentations does require sustenance and sugar to get you through… The repeated messages were: delight your users, use data to understand your market, and think mobile first.

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  • “And then we cycled straight up an old dry ski slope…”

    Mountain biking and online marketing at Glenmore Lodge I’m delighted to be able to work with great companies like Glenmore Lodge, Scotland’s outdoor training centre, and help them with their online marketing efforts. A key skill for a good online marketer is to really understand a client and their customers, and the best way to do that is to dive in and understand every part ...

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  • 5 reasons why you absolutely must be collecting email addresses

    Collecting email addresses, and more importantly segmenting email addresses, should in all likelihood be one of your primary goals as a business operator. But “Why?” you ask, “Why must I spend all this time sorting email addresses when, as a human, I am naturally lazy?” 1. They’re already your customers You could have thousands of customers, sitting there twiddling their thumb ...

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