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  • Was there a Google algorithm update in September?

    There have been reports of a huge amount of volatility in search results over the weekend of 3 September, and while it’s ‘early days’ we’re starting to see impacts of what is likely a core update to the Google ranking algorithm. Both Mozcast and Algaroo have shown a big spike in movement in the Google search results pages: What’s been affected? It looks as though there has b ...

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  • Using Chrome’s inspect element for SEO checks

    Chrome’s developer tools are excellent and a must-use for SEOs. Here’s a quick run-through of the features we most regularly use: How do I access Chrome developer tools? Simple press F12 on your keyword or right-click on a page and select ‘inspect element’ from the contextual menu. The benefit of inspect element is it immediately shows you information about the element on the p ...

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  • Image copyright: what you MUST know in 2016

    You want to make your blog post look nice with an attractive image, so you go and grab one from Google image search or buy one from a stock photo site. Little do you know you could later be hit by a claim for hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer nor legally trained. This post is intended to gather together experience from our team and further research.

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