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  • Our Client Tried Bing Ads & Earned $461,159 in Revenue

    So, you just completed your year-end reports and you noticed that Bing had a really strong year! No? You don’t advertise on Bing? You’re not alone. We hear it time and time again from our clients, “Why should we advertise on Bing?” As well as: “Let’s figure out Google first & expand to Bing later,” “We have a limited budget, let’s not waste it on Bing,” “Nobody uses Bing ...

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  • The Funniest, Most Ridiculous Search Queries in 2015

    The end of every year is generally a time for reflection and resolutions. We vow to do better, be better, and make changes! Managing PPC search campaigns is no exception. So while you are thinking back and looking ahead to 2016, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite (and by favorite, I mean funniest, strangest and most ridiculous) search queries of the year.

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