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  • 9 Tips That Will Help Your PPC Ads Resonate with Audiences Over 50

    September 28, 2017 This post is shared with you from Stephen Kenwright, Strategy Director at Branded3, a company named Best SEO Agency at the European Search Awards in 2016. See Stephen live at Hero Conf London, 23-25 October. It seems odd that millennials get all of the marketing column inches when the over 50s have all of the cash.

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  • Our PPC Training is Not for the Weak-Minded

    July 27, 2017 At Hero Conf we challenge you to question your best practices, to reinvent your current campaigns and to go beyond the fundamentals to implement the most advanced techniques within your accounts. We throw nearly 11 hours of PPC-specific content at you, mixed with dedicated breaks & after-hours activities to rub elbows with the industry’s finest, all within two days.

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  • Come for the Content, Stay for the Networking

    June 22, 2017 At Hero Conf, we strive to provide content that is actionable for PPC roles across the board, however for some, priceless value is found in the conversations held outside the meeting room. Networking and peer outreach is vital in an era of sharing. We share our cars through Uber, our homes through Airbnb, our support through GoFundMe, and inevitably our knowl ...

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  • Be Part of a Bigger PPC Network

    June 8, 2017 Be part of the Hero Conf network. Hero Conf returns to the heart of London for three days of professional development you don’t want to miss. Hosted 23-25 October at The Brewery, Hero Conf will give you 30 hours of the newest, most relevant PPC content, topped with nearly 15 hours of networking.

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