• RLSA Increases Brand Conversions 71 Percent

    This is a tale of a client looking to optimize their PPC brand campaign. They knew showing PPC ads for branded terms was valuable to their business (if you’re wondering what that value is check out my colleague, Harris Neifield’s, blog that answers that very question) but they were having a hard time digesting the increasing CPA. That’s where SEER comes in.

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  • How We Increased LinkedIn Ads CTR 152%

    One size fits all doesn’t work well in PPC given how rapidly the industry changes. Here at SEER, we have a vast array of clients with different goals, KPIs and target audiences and are constantly looking for new ways to get in front of the right people. So, when we needed to grow awareness and leads for one of our super niche clients focused on B2B, we pitched them a test on LinkedIn.

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