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  • Four Simple Ways to Become a More Customer-Centric Marketer

    Recently, I wrote about our need to guard against company logic. I argued that it is very easy for us as marketers to slip into a mindset that ignores the ultimate desires of the customer. This is a struggle experienced by all companies, big or small, new or old, well-known or unknown. Ironically, as one commenter posted, perhaps even my blog post suffered from a little comp ...

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  • How a Roll of Sushi Changed My View on Marketing

    As a marketer, sushi really fascinates me. I do enjoy a good sushi roll, but I am by no means a “sushi connoisseur.” However, the fact that I have meet so many of them really intrigues me. How can so many people be so passionate about the rolling up of raw fish and rice? I was recently visiting a friend, and he began to pontificate about the best local sushi restaurant, app ...

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  • Marketing Strategy: What is your “Only Factor”?

    Warning: I am about to offend someone. It could be you. It might not be. Either way, I wouldn’t continue reading unless you’re up for having your notion of marketing challenged and you have the time to leave a ranting blog comment — just in case you end up feeling the need to. Let’s talk about marketing strategy for a moment. That’s right.

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