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  • Cookies To Humans: Implications Of Identity Systems On Incentives!

    A story where data is the hero, followed by two mind-challenging business-shifting ideas. At a previous employer customer service on the phone was a huge part of the operation. Qualitative surveys were giving the company a read that customers were unhappy with the service being provided. As bad customer service is a massive long-term cost – and short-term pain –, it was decide ...

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  • Five Key Elements For A Big Analytics Driven Business Impact

    There is, almost literally, an unlimited number of things you could focus on to create a high impact data-influenced organization. And, as if unlimited is not enough, nearly every month your analytics vendors release new features, you discover new analytics solutions, and as your business is more successful (hurray!) there is a new mobile app to track or a new digital experien ...

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  • Suck Less | A Plea For User-Centric Design: Powered By You!

    Analysts, honestly, make the world go round when it comes to any successful business – yes, data is that important. As you might expect from any role, they also make a handful of important mistakes. I've written about the biggest mistake web analysts make. Today's post is an adjacent mistake: The cardinal sin of spending too much time with data and in reports! Wait.

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  • Four Stories: A Decade of Writing Occam's Razor!

    An off-topic post this week, to celebrate this incredible outpost you've helped create on the web, Occam's Razor. This month my beloved blog is ten years old. T. E. N! It feels more like five. But, I've already celebrated the blog being five years old! I have to admit life has been a tad bit busy lately, and it took a note from a reader to remind me of the birthday. Her note read: "….

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  • A Great Analyst's Best Friends: Skepticism & Wisdom!

    Here's something important I've observed in my experience in working with data, and changing organizations with ideas: Great Analysts are always skeptical. Deeply so. This was always true, of course. But, it has become mission critical over the last few years as the depth, breadth, quantity and every other dimension you could apply to data has simply exploded. There is too much data.

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  • The Marketing < > Analytics Intersect: My Newsletter!

    I want you to sign up for something very, very special I'm doing: Writing short stories from the intersection of marketing and analytics. My goal is to get you promoted, you are going to love it. So. Please do sign up. But, first, as you've come to expect from this blog… Context… Should you own or rent? The logic we are taught from when we were babies is that it is better to own than rent.

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  • Rock Analytics More: Obsess About Goals And Goal Values!

    If you don't have goals, you are not doing digital analytics. You are doing i am wasting earth's precious oxygenalytics. Let's back up. Let me start with a story. We were brain storming about the next cluster of coolness for Analytics, the conversation quickly went to what Analysts need to look at on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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  • Excellent Analytics Tip #27: Chase Smart Calculated Metrics!

    For the last decade (#omg!), I've consistently complained about a fundamental flaw in Web Analytics tools: They incentivize one night stands, rather than engagements matching customer-intent. This leads to owners of digital experiences (insanely) expecting all visitors to their websites to convert right away – anything less than that is a failure. Damn the intent the customer is expressing.

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  • Digital Marketing & Analytics: Five Deadly Myths De-mythified!

    In a recent set of keynotes and consulting engagements in the US, UK and Canada, I've had an overwhelming feeling that in very fundamental ways some companies make imprecise choices when it comes to their digital strategy. Not because they don't have enough money or opportunity or people. But, simply because their broader framing of what the problem was, and what their chosen s ...

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