Barrett Brooks

  • Execution Over Hustle: What Really Matters Every Day

    Execution. It’s one of those big business words that might apply more to entrepreneurs than anyone else. It’s also what matters most every day. Why? If a big business doesn’t execute, they might miss a quarterly earnings report. If an entrepreneur doesn’t execute, the rent might not get paid. Those are two very different things. But before we get to execution, let’s talk about hustle.

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  • Use the Sabiki Principle to Give Every Story a Hook That Resonates

    Sabiki rigs are one of the most fascinating tools I’ve ever seen used in fishing. They consist of anywhere between six and ten small lures with individual hooks, all attached to one fishing line and rod with a sinker at the end. If you’re not much of a fisherman, a typical fishing line has just one hook to catch one fish.

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  • Jess Lively’s Three Tier Framework for Living Your Values

    Jess Lively is the founder of Life with Intention online and host of the popular podcast, The Lively Show. Jess recently stopped by the Fizzle studios to sit down for a Founder Story. Founder Stories are long-form video interviews with founders of independent businesses we believe in. Founder Stories are a key part of our approach to helping aspiring entrepreneurs build their ...

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  • Just in Time Learning: How to Use Learning as a Tool for Business Progress

    "It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve bought so many courses and educational resources over the past year… I need to stop learning and start taking action. I’ll come back once I’ve made some progress." This is one of the most common things we hear in exit surveys when our customers cancel their Fizzle membership.

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  • How Do I Monetize My Blog (Or Podcast)?

    There is not a week that goes by without the Fizzle team hearing some version of a seemingly simple question: “How do I monetize my blog?” This question comes from would-be entrepreneurs making an honest effort to follow advice they find around the web. That advice goes something like this: Start a blog (or podcast) Build an audience Monetize Enjoy Mai-tais on the bea ...

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