Barrett Brooks

  • Execution Over Hustle: What Really Matters Every Day

    Execution. It’s one of those big business words that might apply more to entrepreneurs than anyone else. It’s also what matters most every day. Why? If a big business doesn’t execute, they might miss a quarterly earnings report. If an entrepreneur doesn’t execute, the rent might not get paid. Those are two very different things. But before we get to execution, let’s talk about hustle.

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  • Use the Sabiki Principle to Give Every Story a Hook That Resonates

    Sabiki rigs are one of the most fascinating tools I’ve ever seen used in fishing. They consist of anywhere between six and ten small lures with individual hooks, all attached to one fishing line and rod with a sinker at the end. If you’re not much of a fisherman, a typical fishing line has just one hook to catch one fish.

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  • Jess Lively’s Three Tier Framework for Living Your Values

    Jess Lively is the founder of Life with Intention online and host of the popular podcast, The Lively Show. Jess recently stopped by the Fizzle studios to sit down for a Founder Story. Founder Stories are long-form video interviews with founders of independent businesses we believe in. Founder Stories are a key part of our approach to helping aspiring entrepreneurs build their ...

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  • Just in Time Learning: How to Use Learning as a Tool for Business Progress

    "It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve bought so many courses and educational resources over the past year… I need to stop learning and start taking action. I’ll come back once I’ve made some progress." This is one of the most common things we hear in exit surveys when our customers cancel their Fizzle membership.

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  • How Do I Monetize My Blog (Or Podcast)?

    There is not a week that goes by without the Fizzle team hearing some version of a seemingly simple question: “How do I monetize my blog?” This question comes from would-be entrepreneurs making an honest effort to follow advice they find around the web. That advice goes something like this: Start a blog (or podcast) Build an audience Monetize Enjoy Mai-tais on the bea ...

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  • 11 Places to Put Email Optin Forms On Your Website to Grow Your List

    Email marketing is, has been, and will continue to be one of the most powerful ways to build an audience for your business. Another way of saying audience is potential customers. And potential customers can turn into customers. Customers, well, those are what make a business an actual business. You know, the kind that makes money. But you probably know that already.

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  • How to Build a One Page Website to Launch Your Business

    Building and launching the first website for your business is special. It represents the symbolic launch of your business. It also means it’s time to move on to building an audience and product. But before you can do any of that, you need a place to call home on the web. Most Entrepreneurs Try to Do Too Much It is so tempting to try to do too much with your first website.

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  • The Eight Types of Relationships Every Entrepreneur Should Have

    In 1974, Robin Dunbar earned his stripes as an anthropologist and evolutionary pscyhologist by completing work on his PhD from the University of Bristol, which was summarized in a paper entitled, Social Dynamics of Gelada Baboons. (Look those suckers up, they’re scary.) Dunbar’s research would go on to cover the evolution of communication and culture, social networks, and the ...

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  • Join Us for a Fizzle Meetup in Your City

    Last year we ran a pilot to test local meetups for the Fizzle community. We learned a few things in the process: It doesn’t make sense to limit meetups to one specific date and time around the world Local meetup organizers should have more control over the process We should open Fizzle meetups to readers of the Sparkline, listeners of The Fizzle Show, and other local ent ...

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  • 11 Things Successful Indie Entrepreneurs Do Differently (Do you?)

    From day one, Corbett, Chase, and Caleb prioritized member success here at Fizzle. As Corbett put it in his great post on Five Ways to Stand Out In a Sea of Noise, "caring can be your company's growth engine." We've bet hard on caring as our growth engine here at Fizzle, which is why I joined the team last year to lead our member success efforts.

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  • What it Takes to Love the Work You Do as an Entrepreneur

    Click play on the video above. As Chase says so often on The Fizzle Show, even as an entrepreneur, it’s so easy for your business to become just another job. You get down in the weeds, working on the never ending to-do list and before you know it, you’re wondering why you ever started a business to begin with. Before I joined the Fizzle team, I ran a company called Living for Monday.

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  • Build and Sustain a Mastermind Group to Help You Reach Your Business Goals

    The Eagle and Child pub is similar to many other pubs in Oxford. It’s dimly lit, serves beer at room temperature, and cider is an easy find. They have fish and chips along with other pub food. By all accounts, it’s just another common place in one of the greatest college towns in the world. Except for one thing… In the 1930s and 1940s, a very special group used space in The E ...

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  • What’s New in Fizzle

    Whew. It’s been a busy couple of months since we last updated you on what’s new inside of Fizzle. We’ve released an all new member dashboard, two new courses on video production and product creation and two new founder stories with inspiring entrepreneurs. If you’re not a Fizzle member, here are a few brand new things that might make you tempted to try Fizzle for just $1 for y ...

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  • How to Produce High Quality Videos for Under $1,000

    I’ve always enjoyed making videos, but after seeing the ridiculously awesome quality of the videos put out by people I follow – the Fizzle guys, seanwes, Pat Flynn – I got discouraged, because they all revealed that they were using $3,500 cameras and other expensive video equipment. Since I’m not at the stage where I’m comfortable dropping that kind of cash on video gear, I j ...

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  • What I Learned from Two Weeks in Seth Godin’s Office

    I saw the city through the small window next to my exit row seat and I felt a swell of creative energy, anticipation, and excitement well up from my gut. Here we go… The opportunity of a lifetime starts now. On July 21st, 2013, I landed at JFK airport for a two week project with a team of 16 other interns and Seth Godin.

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