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  • 7 Twitter Tips to Win More Followers and Influence in 2015

    At a time when Facebook is no longer cool (hey, Mark Zuckerberg has even admitted it!), now couldn’t be better to hone your skills as a master Tweeter. The micro-blogging social site is now where more teens and young people are flocking (with 26% ranking Twitter as the “most important” social network according to a Taking Stock with Teens study).

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  • The Google Ruleset For Link Building

    If you're a website that relies on traffic from Google, you'll want to obey by their link building guidelines in order not to get your website penalised. Every website relies on Google for traffic, right? Even if it is not your number one source of traffic I'm sure you wouldn't want to lose it. With webmasters trying to manipulate search results over the past menu years, Go ...

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  • 7 Things Any Marketer Should Know About Links

    by Robert E. Kennedy Library at Cal Poly Every online marketer can benefit from a basic understanding of link building. From understanding how Google works and how links can drive traffic from search engines to their website. It's especially useful to have a basic understanding before outsourcing link building.

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  • How To Do A Link Audit For Your Own Company

    So you're the latest employee, the new marketer in the company. Congratulations on your new job. Your boss has told you the company used to "do SEO" a couple of years ago – they hired a company or whatever. Your first assignment is to do a link audit for your new company. Don't know where to start? Don't know what to do? Let me walk you through it.

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  • How Working Hard For A Nofollow Link In A Guest Post Pays Off

    Nofollow and dofollow links have been a hot topic when it comes to link building for a number of years. Roll back all the way to 2005 – when the "Nofollow" tag was first introduced by Google. The initial premise of the Nofollow tag was to prevent comment spam. To quote the Google blog from back in January 2005: "If you're a blogger (or a blog reader), you're painfully fami ...

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