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  • 12 Steps To Build A Successful Employee Advocacy Program

    It’s common knowledge that people don’t trust brands – they trust other people. All too often, digital marketing can come across as cold and lifeless. But it’s not hard to warm up your digital marketing, and win the trust of prospects and customers. Why? Because your company consists of people: people who probably have a healthy appetite for sharing their thoughts via social media.

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  • 26 Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand Online and Off

    You’re a sales and marketing machine. You’re constantly selling yourself and your ideas. You’re attaching your name to a specific area of expertise and delivering useful content – online and off – to earn more visibility and build trust with your peers. Or you’re not. In either case, you have a personal brand.

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  • Marketing Automation Basics: 17 Tips For Getting Started [Ebook]

    Marketing automation is the future of marketing. But it can be intimidating when you’re first getting started. Even the basics can seem overwhelming. But, as always, there are tricks to getting away from the overwhelm. And sometimes, getting started with automation is best done on paper – or whatever your favorite system of preparation happens to be – before you start in on us ...

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  • Building Email Lists with Lead Magnets Webinar Recap

    In a recent webinar with GetResponse, Barry Feldman discussed ways to grow your email list with an essential piece of content: a lead magnet. What’s a lead magnet? You might know it by another name: opt-in offer, gated content, content upgrade, sign-up incentive. It is a piece of content you offer in exchange for your website visitor’s email address (and any other information ...

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  • A Solopreneur’s Journey Into Marketing Automation

    If you’re a solopreneur, you’re constantly busy running one aspect of your business or another. The last thing you have time to do is to adopt yet another marketing channel. Or so you think… Marketing Automation will have a learning curve, there’s no doubt about that. If you’re already using email marketing, adding automation will make you more efficient.

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  • Triggered Email: The Killer Conversion App

    Marketers have been using “spray and pray” tactics for decades. The email equivalents are often called “blasts.” The idea: purchase a large list, push your message to the masses and hope some buckshot hits the target. This form of email marketing is outdated and ineffective. It can backfire. Sending spam can tarnish your reputation and sever more relationships than it builds.

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  • Why a Content Hub is Your All-Powerful Media Magnet

    Content marketers beware: The battle you fight for attention is hard and getting harder. Customers don’t know what content they’re looking for (or even that they’re looking for content). They simply want answers. While a company blog is a smart content marketing play, it’s probably not enough. Consistently creating and publishing great content can be insanely difficult.

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  • Interactive Content is Where the Action Is Now

    Internet. Interactive. The two were destined to collide. The term “internet” came to be because it connected networks. The prefix “Inter” means “between.” It follows that “interactive” means “action between.” Or something like that. The point is we were destined to interact online. We live for interaction and the Internet lives to give it to us.

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  • 85% of Marketers Fail to Reach SlideShare’s Gigantic Audience

    There’s a greater than 4-to-1 chance you’re missing out on a gigantic opportunity to put your content in the path of your prospects. See, according to the new Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 85% of marketers don’t use SlideShare. Here’s the data. In the report, Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner writes, “Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest ...

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  • Mastering LinkedIn, The Personal Branding Epicenter of the Internet

    LinkedIn enters into every conversation I have about personal branding. It comes up in the daily conversations I have about content marketing and new media advertising. And whenever I’m tasked with helping people get started with social media marketing, the discussion always includes LinkedIn. There has never been a more powerful business networking tool than LinkedIn.

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  • 4 Conversion Experts On Why Buyers Click

    Give me a C. Give me an R. Give me an O. What’s that spell? CRO. Let’s go! Yes indeed, savvy marketers are rallying around conversion rate optimization, the process of improving conversion. CRO is the big game. The winners in online marketing know this. They focus on developing CRO skills. They practice the discipline daily.

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  • Orange You Glad Content Marketing Has a Bible?

    There’s this charismatic, orange-clad character trotting the globe evangelizing a better way to build your business. Joe. Joe gave it a name. Content marketing. Joe gave it a home. Cleveland. Joe gave it a main event. Content Marketing World. And Joe wrote the bible. Epic Content Marketing. Epic isn’t Joe’s first book. It’s his third.

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  • 25 Ideas to Transform Ho-Hum Infographics into Something Extraordinary

    A few weeks ago here on Copyblogger, Demian Farnworth presented the infographic as the Salvador Dalí of content marketing — the most interesting person at the cocktail party. More than just a superficial presence, an infographic is a significant asset pillar with diverse possibilities that help you grow your media empire. Today, let’s equate the Internet to the world of pop music.

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