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  • Amplero enlists machine learning to leverage influencer marketing

    Graphic by Amplero Influencer marketing tries to leverage a popular person’s network of friends and followers. To do that with existing customers, optimization platform Amplero has announced an enhancement to its platform that employs machine learning to power influencer marketing for brands whose customers commonly form networks of users.

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  • Brandwatch now offers three-year searches of Unlimited Historical Data

    Social intelligence provider Brandwatch has launched its Unlimited Historical Data for searching online conversations and news over the recent past. The UK-based company says this new offering is the fastest tool for custom historical analysis of online news and conversations. Marketers can search-by-topic without a limit on the number of queries over three years of histori ...

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  • Cloverleaf’s new grocery shelf displays watch shoppers, track their emotions

    You walk into a grocery store to buy barbeque-flavored potato chips. But you’re disappointed to find that the overflowing shelf of chips — although harboring more than a dozen different types — doesn’t have that flavor. Within seconds, the LCD digital sign along the shelf edge immediately shows a message: “Don’t worry – BBQ chips will be restocked tomorrow!” That vision of ...

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  • Dun & Bradstreet buys Avention so its data can become real-time triggers

    Dun & Bradstreet is making its business data more readily available, with its announcement this week that it is acquiring sales and marketing data provider Avention for $150 million. Based in Concord, Massachusetts, Avention is best known for its OneSource line of data products that offer info on businesses, contacts, and markets for sales people and marketers.

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  • Conversable launched the first Twitter-based automated conference guide at CES

    In November, Twitter announced two new features — quick replies and welcome messages — to help automate business responses in Direct Messages. The social network wrote in a blog post that the new features… “…can enable faster resolutions by helping customers more easily provide information to solve problems before an agent sees the first message, or they can simplify automat ...

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  • Report: Consumers feel positively about immersive technologies

    A test drive in a VR car showroom After decades of being “just around the corner,” immersive technologies have finally arrived. But the pending question is whether virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or 360-degree video matters for brands — or whether they are just another great way to burn money.

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  • Taboola adds Commerce Sciences as part of its evolution ‘from widget to platform’

    Taboola content recommendations at the bottom of a publisher’s web page. Content recommendation service Taboola is today announcing that it has purchased site personalization and optimization platform Commerce Sciences, and will make its capabilities available for free to Taboola’s customers. Backers of the optimization service, which was launched in 2012 by ex-Israeli Int ...

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  • Report: Parents like the Internet of Things

    Photo from BabyCenter report Parenting website BabyCenter today released a new report that found the Internet of Things (IoT) has at least one consumer fan club: parents. The study, “The Internet of Things Empowers Parents,” says that 70 percent of parents in the U.S. now own an IoT device, 37 percent who own one want to buy another, and more than a third believe these gad ...

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  • MarTech Landscape: What is a beacon?

    An assortment of beacons from (starting upper left) Gimbal,, Estimote, Radius Networks, GPShopper, Aruba Consumers’ smartphones can be tracked by GPS coordinates and other techniques, but those are largely broad-brush. Beacons are devices that are designed to support very granular targeting, such as sending a coupon for red sneakers while you’re standing in front ...

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  • Report: Personal health data should be off-limits to common marketing practices

    From the cover of the report Personal wearables that track health data can boost your exercise routine or monitor a medical condition. The devices — including digital watches, sensor-equipped clothes, and apps in smartphones — can track heart rates, sleep patterns, calories, stress levels, and someday may store information on our DNA.

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  • Sisense lets you ask for analytics by voice — or check the color of your desk lamp

    A desk set up for Sisense Everywhere, with Amazon Alexa and a multi-colored connected lamp. Want to find out how last year’s revenue compares to this? Maybe you should just ask out loud. Or maybe the color of your desk lamp can tell you if you’re meeting your sales targets. Those natural interactions are part of new interfaces to query the business intelligence platform o ...

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