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  • Conductor adds Insight Stream to its Searchlight platform

    These days, it’s hard to find a digital marketer who isn’t swimming in data. To help marketers keep their head above water, content intelligence platform Conductor is today joining the parade of companies that have begun to offer intelligent assistants. The New York City-based firm is launching Insight Stream, a kind of business intelligence assistant that surfaces actionab ...

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  • IBM’s Weather Company employs Watson to boost its updated ad targeting platform

    The Weather Company’s visualization of its app users’ daily patterns The Weather Company has taken another step toward predicting much more than just weather. Now owned by IBM, the company has unveiled an updated and rebranded ad targeting platform called Journeyfx. It uses the analytical skills of IBM’s Jeopardy-winning Watson supercomputer to better predict which users m ...

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  • launches first beacon-only physical showroom

    An opening event at’s Proximity Studio Krakow, Poland-based opened this week in Berlin what it describes as the first beacon-only physical showroom. The company, which bills itself as “the world’s largest provider of beacon technology,” located The Proximity Studio on the third floor of a building in the trendy Kreuzberg-area of that famous city.

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  • Bazaarvoice adds ad targeting platform based on consumer intent

    Bazaarvoice’s visualization of its network. For more than 5000 brands, Bazaarvoice’s cloud-based software allows visitors to rate or review products, or to upload product-related imagery. Now, the Austin, Texas-based company is taking the next step, by announcing a first-party data-based ad platform that targets those visitors with ads and offers relating to the products t ...

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  • If you’re in the U.S., this marketing data company has a psychology profile on you

    Where you are, what you buy, and your age. These are the kinds of attributes that digital marketers commonly employ for targeting. London-based Cambridge Analytica is adding an additional layer: psychology. With U.S. offices in New York City and Washington, D.C., the company is now redirecting its psychological targeting from national security and political clients — includi ...

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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 adds predictive lead scoring from Versium to its B2B CRM

    Versium’s visualization of a combined business and consumer predictive profile. Last month, Microsoft boosted its Dynamics 365 customer relationship management (CRM) system through a new alliance with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud. This week, Microsoft and predictive analytics firm Versium are announcing a new integration that boosts the CRM’s ability to highlight which individu ...

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  • Say hello to the newest intelligent agent, Ozlo

    Comparative searches on Ozlo and Google Assistant. The society of intelligent agents now has a new member. His name is Ozlo, from the Palo Alto, California-based company of the same name. According to co-founder and CEO Charles Jolley, he’s the only independent intelligent agent left, now that Samsung has scooped up Viv.

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  • Expedia now lets you pick Hawaii travel packages with your smile

    An image from the two-minute video at “Discover Your Aloha,” with a smile indicator. is now letting your facial reactions help determine where you should go on vacation. Through its Expedia Media Solutions advertising sales division, the travel site has launched a new website called “Discover Your Aloha” as part of a year-long campaign for the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority.

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  • The mobile wallet could grow up to become a real marketing channel

    Screens from Urban Airship/Politico Europe’s Brexit updates wallet card. “Mobile wallet” conjures up the virtual equivalent of a worn leather billfold harboring credit cards, coupons, boarding passes, and discount cards. But that’s only because its name is borrowed from the days when all “stores” were tangible.

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  • IAB’s first report on VR/AR surveys the terrain for marketers

    A mid-air pickup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in a 360-degree video. From the IAB report. As reality becomes virtual, augmented, and spherical, marketers are eager to get involved. To help set the stage, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is out with its first report on the subject, “Is Virtual the New Reality?: A Market Snapshot of VR Publishing and Monetization.

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