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  • BKON Connect unveils an expanded platform for browsing the real world

    For the past two years, Nashville-based firm BKON Connect has offered its PHY platform in support of the browser-based Physical Web. In the Google-driven but open Physical Web, small beacons in the real world broadcast URLs, so nearby users with a Chrome or other compatible mobile browser can check out relevant web page content associated with those real-world locations.

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  • It’s true: Smiling at an ad means sales will go up

    Advertisers now have a proven reason to make you smile. That’s the basic takeaway from a new study by emotion tracking firm Realeyes and candy/food maker Mars, released this week. Webcams in the computers of 22,334 consenting consumers in six countries tracked emotional reactions to 149 video ads for chocolate candy (such as Mars, Twix and Snickers), pet food (Pedigree and ...

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  • LinkedIn updates Sales Navigator

    Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is out this week with its second major update to its Sales Navigator tool, which helps salespeople mine the data-rich professional social network. There’s now a new Enterprise Edition, complementing the existing Professional Edition for individuals and Team Edition for groups of salespeople. Enterprise increases InMails and introduces Single Sign-On.

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  • Hootsuite acquires Snapchat analytics firm Naritiv

    Social media management platform Hootsuite is continuing to beef up its ad and analytics chops, with today’s announcement that it has acquired Snapchat analytics and content creation firm Naritiv. Deal terms were not made public. This newest purchase follows Hootsuite’s acquisitions last month of ad tech firm AdEspresso and social analytics vendor LiftMetrix.

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  • Report: Bad bots are swarming virtually every website and login page

    You know that any report on bad bots is not going to be optimistic when it starts with a comparison to Pearl Harbor. In fact, the fourth annual “Bad Bot Report” from anti-bot service Distil Networks is downright depressing. It continues to document the onslaught of hostile bots that are swarming over websites, login pages and anything else that pokes up its head online.

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  • ANA calls for independent audits of ads in the ‘walled gardens’

    All “walled gardens” need some windows. That’s the essential message from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), which today issued a call for independent audits in the “walled garden” advertising platforms of Amazon, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. Facebook, Instagram and Google’s YouTube are not on the list, because they committed last month ...

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  • Surprise: Only 12% of top websites are using header bidding

    In the world of digital advertising, header bidding has hit superstar status in the last year or so. But a new report from New York City-based ad tech firm GetIntent — out this week — indicates that header bidding is not as popular among one group of leading publishers as you might think. And it shows that the open source Prebid.js is not the leading solution among those sites.

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  • SimilarWeb now offers more granular metrics through Digital Insights

    SimilarWeb’s new Digital Insights service can track patterns of jeans buyers on Amazon. SimilarWeb is out this week with a new service that offers a more granular look at the paths taken by online buyers, offering insights that the company says are not available elsewhere. Called Digital Insights, it is a series of custom reports that can indicate how most buyers reached a ...

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  • Campaign Monitor buys customer data platform Tagga

    A screen from the Campaign Monitor website, showing post-acquisition unified customer profiles Campaign Monitor is taking a step toward becoming more than an email automation provider, with its announcement this week that it has purchased customer data platform (CDP) Tagga. The San Francisco-based Campaign Monitor has its own extensive set of profiles, built from users who ...

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  • Salesforce explains why, when it has Einstein, it needs Watson’s intelligence

    IBM’s logo for Watson The artificial intelligence namesakes for Einstein and IBM CEO Thomas Watson are getting together. IBM’s Watson intelligent platform is being made available within Salesforce’s Marketing, Service, Sales and Commerce Clouds. Announced recently, the companies’ global strategic partnership is designed to add Watson’s brand of intelligence to the Einstein ...

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  • Television meets internet in emerging new ATSC 3.0 standard

    Traditional television and internet-delivered television are heading for a merger in a new, next-generation standard. And the result could be a complete overhaul of how cross-channel marketing and ad campaigns are conducted. The merger is part of version 3.0 of the Advanced Television Systems Committee standard, or ATSC 3.0 for short. Our current HD system is ATSC 1.0, and 2.

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  • Smaato launches ‘first Inventory Discovery’ feature for mobile advertisers

    Mobile ad platform Smaato has launched what it describes as “the advertising industry’s first Inventory Discovery feature.” Part of the company’s SDX (Smaato Demand Platform), it is a self-service tool so that advertisers can automatically identify the mobile inventory they want to buy. Filtering allows the identification of inventory based on such parameters as time, Queri ...

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  • Bot-to-bot marketing is coming soon. Are you ready?

    Amazon Echo, housing the Alexa intelligent agent In the past year or so, a new marketing channel has emerged around bots and intelligent agents. This includes voice-based intelligent agents like Google Home’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, and chatbots that interact largely through text conversations. Marketers are beginning to plan their conversational strategies and logic for this channel.

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