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  • Scott Brinker: How the martech landscape fits together

    When you look at Scott Brinker’s famous — and increasingly crowded — Marketing Technology Landscape, it resembles a wall of tiny bricks. But when you talk to Brinker about how marketing tools are actually used these days, it’s not a wall that comes to mind. It’s more like a group of islands connected by an ocean of data and a fast-moving ferry.

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  • Engagio CEO: The one-to-one relationship is the key driver behind marketing’s evolution

    Marketing software has been evolving toward the goal of one-to-one marketing, says Engagio CEO and co-founder Jon Miller. Miller, who also co-founded Marketo, told me that his career was inspired by the 1993 book, “The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time.” Written by customer strategy experts Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, it presented a vision o ...

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  • Openprise moves into third-party data with launch of Data Marketplace

    Openprise’s business has been focused on the automation of loading, cleaning up and helping to manage first-party data for clients. Recently, the Redwood City, California-based company has moved into third-party data with the launch of its Data Marketplace. VP of Marketing Allen Pogorzelski told me that, previously, Openprise might help a client like Cord Blood Registry (CB ...

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  • Intercom releases what could be the first civilized bot

    The civilized bot has arrived. As bot makers begin to differentiate their wares, customer communications platform Intercom is out this week with a bot — named Operator — which it says is the first one to care “what an end user’s experience is like.” For its 17,000 or so client companies, Intercom provides a dashboard that receives live chat messages through a brand’s websit ...

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  • Forrester report: Automation is taking over customer interaction

    A robotic lawn mower If you think you’ve finally gotten a handle on customer engagement, buckle up. That’s because “automation is reshaping customer engagement,” according to a recent Forrester report on agents, bots, hardware robots and intelligent self-service solutions that will address customer-facing problems over the next 10 years.

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  • Salesforce’s Social Studio can now see

    This week, Salesforce is giving eyesight to its Social Studio. Social Studio is the social management tool in the company’s Marketing Cloud and, before today, it did not have image recognition. Brands either manually searched images or conducted text searches of metadata or related posts. Now, it has Einstein Vision image recognition, powered by the company’s Einstein layer ...

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  • Demandbase boosts its B2B early warning system

    Metaphorically, Demandbase’s new Real-Time Intent is a kind of early warning system for business sellers. Demandbase helps marketers target content, ads and sales to web users, based on the company they’re coming from and their interests. This week, it is upping its Account-Based Marketing game, announcing new artificial intelligence tech that processes more data more quic ...

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  • Adbrain ups the ante on cross-device identity

    Since many people use more than one device to communicate with brands, one of the most important data sets for marketers has been the cross-device ID graph. It determines that this phone, this computer and this tablet are used by the same person, so marketing to that person can be coordinated between the devices.

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  • Will autonomous vehicles provide the next screens for publishers and advertisers?

    If and when autonomous vehicles arrive, it’s difficult to envision anything more frightening than a massive tractor-trailer truck hurtling down the highway with no one at the wheel. But, from a marketer’s point of view, the good news is that all those self-driving vehicles — including trucks — will essentially become moving living rooms.

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  • Maritz’s first Chief Behavioral Officer is building on ‘nudges’

    Researchers have discovered that consumers make different choices when they choose via different means. For instance, people ordering food through a tablet or by writing it down tend to make healthier choices. When they order verbally, they more often choose higher-calorie dishes. When selecting accessories for a car by swiping choices on a tablet, customers generally pick ...

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  • Even Financial launches tool to semi-automate financial compliance for online ads

    Compliance-at-scale is a growing need for marketers, given the Federal Trade Commission’s rulings on influencers and the coming of the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). For the financial industry, which has long dealt with compliance requirements, New York City-based Even Financial is out with a Programmatic Compliance Tool that helps to semi-automa ...

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