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  • Stackla adds a Co-Pilot to recommend which user content should be published

    The good news about user-generated content (UGC) is that there’s so much to choose from. And therein lies the rub. This week, UGC platform Stackla has expanded its machine learning into a product to help deal with this flood of riches. CMO and co-founder Peter Cassidy told me the new Co-Pilot is the first UGC tool that predictively recommends whether specific content should ...

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  • Tobii Pro now invisibly tracks users’ eyes in VR

    A combined image, showing attention spots where a VR wearer might be looking in a virtual grocery store. Virtual reality is just beginning to develop the kinds of analytical tools that help marketers determine what works. This week, eye-tracking research firm Tobii added another tool — one that invisibly tracks users’ visual attention in virtual reality.

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  • Brandwatch adds a Reddit ‘mini-firehose’ to its social data

    For marketers, the popular Reddit community is a largely untapped reservoir of unvarnished opinions. This week, Brandwatch announced that it is the first social intelligence provider to get access to significant volumes of Reddit data through what VP of Data Amy Collins described to me as “a mini-firehose.

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