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  • Forrester report: VR is not yet ready for marketers

    A test drive in a VR car showroom If you’re a marketer rubbing your hands together in anticipation of the virtual campaigns you’ll run in virtual reality, you may want to take a breath. The title of a recent Forrester Research report will likely slow you down: “Virtual Reality Isn’t Ready for Marketing Yet.” (Fee required for non-clients.

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  • Publishers Clearing House attributes 26 percent revenue lift to header bidding

    Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is best known among the general public for its free-to-play, chance-to-win promotional sweepstakes. Among marketers, it’s also known as the holder of one of the largest repositories of “people-based” profiles, where users are identified by name. The company says its database reaches into nearly three-quarters of all US households.

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  • Ready for GDPR? This white paper points you in the right direction

    It’s February, 2017. Do you know where your GDPR plans are? On May 25 of next year, the General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect, yet many companies with users from European Union countries are not ready to meet the requirements for protecting rights to personal data. The GDPR applies to all companies with such users, whether or not the companies are physically in those countries.

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  • Report: Marketers like AI-based tools, but think they already have them

    Marketers sure love them some artificial intelligence (AI). Even if they’re not quite sure what it is or whether they are already using it. That was the big takeaway from a December study by B2B targeting platform Demandbase, which itself has implemented AI in its platform. And that’s a key conclusion from another recent study, conducted by Forrester Consulting for Adgorit ...

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  • Google releases Chrome version with the first browser support for WebVR

    A 3-D VR interior from Matterport This week, Google is updating its Chrome browser for Android with the first browser support for Web VR — a capability that could dramatically affect the use and development of VR content. Previously, if a user wanted to view VR content in a stereo headset viewer like Google’s Daydream View, you had to download one of a number of VR apps.

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  • Hootsuite buys AdEspresso, adds onboard Facebook/Instagram ad management

    From the AdEspresso website Hootsuite stepped up its ad game this week, announcing the acquisition of online ad tool Espresso — and the launch of the Espresso-based Hootsuite Ads. The newest Hootsuite Ads, Senior Director of Business and Corporate Development Richard Hungerford told me, replaces a “lighter” ad management tool in the platform, and provides for the first tim ...

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