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  • Startup Mariana Launches B2B Lead Gen Platform That Automatically Creates Personas

    Credit: Mariana A variety of B2B predictive lead scoring firms can find and rate companies according to how likely they’ll become your customer. But startup Mariana is today launching its platform so that marketers can also more accurately find the decision-makers within those companies. The Palo Alto, California-based company, founded in 2013, is also announcing $2 million in seed funding.

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  • mNectar Expands Its App Streaming Ad Network To Cellular Data Transmission

    Three screens of a streaming app, over mNectar’s Spectra. Since its founding in 2013, San Francisco-based mNectar has streamed short playable apps as ads, so that iOS and Android users could sample apps before downloading. But, CEO Wally Nguyen pointed out to me, the native or hybrid apps — primarily games — used a video streaming protocol, similar to the one Google has be ...

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  • Cardlytics Opens Up Its Treasure Trove Of Purchase Histories To Ad Targeting

    Since 2008, Cardlytics has worked with more than 1500 banks to build up a massive database of users’ purchase histories from credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checking transfers. It has used this treasure trove to target advertisers’ rewards campaigns to those users inside bank sites and apps, promoting customer loyalty by white-labeling its platform to the banks.

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  • Ad Tech Firm AdTheorent Launches Public Version Of Its Internal Attribution System

    Attribution is one of the trickiest requirements of digital advertising. You need to know if your ad spend is resulting in sales, but how can you tell which sales resulted from which ads on which devices? Predictive targeting ad tech firm AdTheorent launched this week a new attribution service called Barometric, making publicly available the system it had been using internal ...

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  • MarTech Landscape: What Is Predictive Analytics?

    In Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series of science-fiction novels, “psychohistory” employs massive amounts of historical data to predict the future behavior of large groups of people. This, essentially, is predictive analytics, which we tackle in this installment of our MarTech Landscape series. “Think Of A Credit Screen” Instead of predictions about Asimovian empires, though, o ...

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  • Needle Adds New Features To Its Customer Advocate Service For Shopping Sites

    Needle operates on the principle that the best marketers for a product are other happy owners of the same thing. Today, the Salt Lake City-based company is expanding on that principle, with the launch of its Advocate Marketing Cloud for shopping sites. Founded in 2010, Needle previously offered a real-time chat with advocates, selected customers who are fans of the product line.

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  • UserCare Launches App Customer Service That Is Tailored For Each User

    With digital customer service increasingly becoming another opportunity for marketing, startup UserCare is today launching customer service tuned for mobile apps. The service, available to developers through an SDK for iOS, Android, and the Unity game engine on both, has been in a private beta since mid-November.

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  • With The Physical Web, You Become The Search Engine

    Scott Jenson introduces the Physical Web. The Physical Web is an extension of the web into the physical world so you can walk up and interact with any device, from a lost dog collar to a zipCar, all without installing an application first. Every smart device links to a web page so things can offer simple in ...

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