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  • Skimlinks Makes Its User-Intent Data Available To DMP Lotame

    Skimlinks provides a network of affiliate links to publishers, and then shares all that B2C intent data — such as, these users have clicked on links to HD TVs — with those publishers. Lotame is a data management platform (DMP) that provides all sorts of behavioral, demographic, and other targeting data for advertisements and various kinds of marketing, but it has only occasi ...

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  • MarketingZoom Launches Site For Buying And Selling Marketing

    From the MarketingZoom site A new website, launching in a public beta this week, believes that marketers need better ways to find targets and resources. Called MarketingZoom, the Portland, Oregon-based company is the brainchild of president/founder Tony Scott. He also runs a motor sports marketing agency in the Portland area called Drive Motorsports International, which re ...

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  • ScribbleLive Buys Visually, Marrying Content Marketing With Content Creation

    Distribution, meet creation. That, in a nutshell, is the rationale behind the news today that Toronto-based content marketing platform ScribbleLive has purchased Visually, a content creation platform that is based in San Francisco. Deal terms were not made public. ScribbleLive had required that its customers upload existing content, which they obtained elsewhere, and conten ...

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  • AdSupply Battles Adblock/Adblock Plus With Its Patented Technology

    Supply-side platform (SSP) AdSupply has issued a release version of its anti-AdBlock and Adblock Plus technology, for which the Culver City, California-based company received a patent late last year. Popular ad-stopping browser plugins Adblock and Adblock Plus are key drivers of publisher anxiety about users disabling a major source of revenue.

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  • Gigya Report: Facebook Still Dominates Social Logins, But Maybe Fading A Bit

    From the new Gigya report Facebook is still the king of social logins on websites worldwide, but its dominance may be on a slow decline. That’s the big takeaway from the fourth quarter’s “Landscape of Customer Identity” report from customer identity management provider Gigya, out today. Although Facebook credentials in Q4 account for 62 percent of all website social login ...

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  • Versium Launches Self-Service Predictive Lead Scoring With Automated Modeling

    Predictive lead scoring has become a common service for many marketers who want a better idea about which potential customers and current customers are good bets for future sales. Today, data tech firm Versium launches what it describes as the first self-service predictive lead scoring that generates fine-tuned models built around machine learning and a large consumer data layer.

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  • AOL Launches Publisher Side Of ONE Platform

    For AOL, One plus One equals One. In April, the Verizon-owned company launched its ONE consolidated, programmatic platform for advertisers. Yesterday, AOL announced at the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Meeting in California that it is now adding another ONE, called ONE by AOL: Publishers.

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  • UnsubCentral Now Offers Choices Beyond Opt-Out For Email Recipients

    When you get an email that you don’t want, you can usually click an unsubscribe link. But many brands would prefer you “opted down” to other choices besides unsubscribing. Today, UnsubCentral, a division of email service provider PostUp, is offering that kind of user choice for brands that utilize multiple email service providers.

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