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  • Branch now offers its Deep Linked Email solution on a majority of ESPs

    Let’s say you open an email on your phone about a new travel package to Italy. You click on a link in the email, and it takes you right to a screen in the Hipmunk travel app with the specific flight and hotel info. That’s a key scenario for Branch’s Deep Linked Email solution, now available via eight additional Email Service Providers following an announcement this week by t ...

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  • Lithium adds Jive-x tech to its customer community platform

    Customer community/social management provider Lithium has announced it is acquiring Jive Software’s external community business, Jive-x. The deal terms were not made public. Jive-x currently has more than 250 client companies for its customer and partner communities, and its key features will be integrated into Lithium.

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  • Fuze CMO: A single source of truth for customer data ‘collapses under its own weight’

    Virtually every marketer or marketing software vendor I interview says they want to establish “a single source of truth” about customers by getting rid of silos and setting up a single company-wide repository. Everyone, that is, except Brian Kardon, CMO of business communication provider Fuze. The former CMO of Eloqua and Lattice Engines, Kardon is not exactly a novice in d ...

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  • Is Google getting ready to buy Marketo?

    The Marketo logo Marketing platform Marketo announced last week a multiyear alliance with Google Cloud, which Marketo CEO Steve Lucas described in an email announcement as “a step forward in our collaboration to unite MarTech and AdTech.” Beginning next year, Marketo will move its products from its independent data centers to the Google Cloud platform.

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  • Spotify’s VP of Growth: CRM is much more than off-the-shelf software

    “The customer is always under warranty,” Spotify VP of Growth Mayur Gupta told me. Of course, he was speaking figuratively to emphasize his view that modern brands need to continually pay attention to their customers. In other words, he said, businesses’ need to re-evaluate what is meant by “customer relationship management.

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  • Narrativ marries affiliate links with real-time auctions

    The basic model for affiliate links is fairly straightforward. Inside or near an article, a link allows a reader to buy a related product. An article about the best new digital cameras, for instance, might contain a link — perhaps with an image — to buy a specific Casio camera mentioned in the story.

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  • Scott Brinker: How the martech landscape fits together

    When you look at Scott Brinker’s famous — and increasingly crowded — Marketing Technology Landscape, it resembles a wall of tiny bricks. But when you talk to Brinker about how marketing tools are actually used these days, it’s not a wall that comes to mind. It’s more like a group of islands connected by an ocean of data and a fast-moving ferry.

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