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  • SearchCap: Bing On Links, Google PLA Tests & Brand Bias

    Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Bing On Links: You Should Never Know In Advance Where A Link Is Coming From Duane Forrester from Microsoft's Bing team wrote a blog post today on the official Bing Search blog named 10 SEO myths reviewed.

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  • Indoor Maps & Mall Directories Come To Google Now For Android

    As we reported last week, similar to the offline Google Now cards, Google has made indoor maps within the Android Search App's Google Now cards live. Google Indoor Maps was introduced in 2011 for select malls and shopping centers. Now, if you are using the latest Google Search App on Android, a Google Now card may appear and show you a searchable card that lets you find the stores in the mall.

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  • Google Now Cards Now Work Without An Internet Connection

    As we expected, the Android version of the Google Search App now supports offline mode for Google Now cards. So if you are in a location without internet, such as a subway, somewhere out in a deserted island or just in the middle of Manhattan and you have poor reception (no joke), Google will still show your Google Now cards, even without a ...

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