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  • Movies Every Marketer Should Watch

    Being a marketer isn’t always easy. You have to stay on top of the latest developments. At the same time, marketers have to learn tactics and strategy. So a marketer needs to wind down as well. Watch a movie and relax. But what if we combine the two? What if marketers can watch movies about marketing? Well, you’re in luck. You can.

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  • How to train your staff on the job and get real results

    In a fast changing industry, it is key to make sure your staff has the latest knowledge. You make sure they read (sites like State of Digital). You make sure your staff attends events. And you get your staff trained. The problem with all of these methods, but training especially, is universal. How to get the knowledge that is being picked up, put in place.

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  • Do you Speak with Persuasion?

    We have a little sister! It’s about… speaking! Let me tell you some more… There is an interesting exercise that might just surprise you. The exercise starts with counting: Count the number of times you or someone at your office is talking to an audience at an event. Then add the number of times someone is talking to a group of clients.

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  • 2017 Digital Marketers Survey

    At State of Digital we want to be on top of things. So we can create content for you that actually helps you become a better marketer. To do that, we need to understand you. And what better way to do that, than to ask you! We created a survey in which we ...

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  • This was the best of 2016 on State of Digital

    The end of 2016 is only a few days away. Time to look back at the most popular articles published on State of Digital last year! Here is the top 10 of 2016! The Ultimate Guide to Gmail Sponsored Promotions Tara West gives an in-depth view of Google Sponsored Promotions (GSPs), what they are, how and when to use them. It certainly a tactic that you should consider in your marketing mix.

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  • Surprising mistakes most speakers don’t know they make

    Many speakers have some ‘tricks up their sleeve’. Things that will help them be more memorable, or look more professional. Some of these tactics (because that is what they are) are well known. Taking the selfie with the audience. Getting interaction by asking questions, you name it. Yet some tactics might actually backfire. Without the speaker realising what went wrong.

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  • Why Google celebrates its 18th birthday, not on its birthday

    If you go to Google’s homepage today you will see a small celebration happening. It’s Google celebrating their own birthday. Every year since 2002 they celebrate it with a doodle: Today marks the day that Google turns 18. In some countries, that means you’re an adult. There is some confusion about the date, though. Doesn’t Google know its own birthday? That doesn’t sound like an adult.

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  • 72 Content Types you have to know about

    There is a lot of content out there. Especially on the web. I would even argue there is too much content out there. And we are all adding to it. Sometimes even without realising we are adding so much to the pile of content already existing. As with many things, it’s always a good thing to realise what exactly we are doing. That starts with understanding what different content types are.

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  • Speakers Corner: How I hacked online dating

    Join an elite group of marketers receiving the best content in their mailbox Email Address* Your first name Your last name Twitter handle (we'll follow you!) Signup Form Location What is your main topic of expertise? Choose SEO Social Media Content Marketing Conversion Optimisation PR Events E-mail marketing Branding UX Video Help us understand what topics we should be writing about! W.

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  • State of Digital is expanding the chiefs team with Barry Adams

    “Hire the best people for the job and don’t be afraid to let them do the job.” It’s a management saying you hear a lot. It’s also something most managers don’t do. When I asked Sam Noble to become chief editor of State of Digital, I tried to do just that: hire the best person for the job. Even though we are all in it on an honorary basis.

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  • 10 Digital Conferences you Should Attend after the Summer

    It feels like we’re only halfway through our summer. But if you look at your calendar, you will see the end of it is fast approaching. Slowly businesses are getting back to work. People start preparing for the second half of the year. That also means people start looking at what events to attend this fall and winter.

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  • Things you need to know about Visual Marketing Tool Visme (Review)

    Earlier this year I wrote an article called “18 Free Visual Marketing Tools to Boost your Content Marketing Efforts”. In this post I described tools the do-it-yourself-marketer could use to optimise their efforts in visual (content) marketing. One of the tools I mentioned in that article, Visme, approached me to see if I wanted to take an extra close look at their tool.

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