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  • Why Customer Service and Marketing Need to Work Together

    Customer service is what separates a decent business and an amazing company. In a world where corporations outsource their customer support to other countries and don’t make it a priority, customer support is becoming even more of a deciding factor for consumers. People are tired of struggling to get help fixing a problem, so when doing business, they look at a company’s reputa ...

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  • Preparing Your Marketing Strategies for Virtual Reality

    Even just five years ago, the idea of virtual reality (VR) experiences and gear were within the realm of science fiction. But we are now within the beginning of a new age of technology, with companies producing the first round of VR headsets and already planning how to improve for the future. While there are many naysayers to the technology, it’s becoming extremely clear that it’s here to stay.

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  • 5 Tips to Marketing Healthcare Businesses

    Marketing for a healthcare business is a unique challenge. A lot more goes into the decision process when consumers choose a healthcare provider than other purchasing choices. People want to choose a business they can trust, that can provide the services they need, and is within their insurance’s network.

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