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  • Why Engagement Doesn’t Always Lead to Conversions (& What to Do About It)

    Are you looking for that perfect recipe to engagement that will lead to more conversions on your site? If you’re like most marketers, you’re thinking, “Well, sure, we need as much engagement as we can get!” But be careful. More engagement does not necessarily mean more conversions. The truth is, too much engagement can actually be bad for your website.

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  • How to Build Stronger Bonds With Your Community

    ) Nicknames Who are you more likely to approach: Dr. Michael Brown, Ph.D. or Mike Brown? Shortening names is part of our nature. Nicknames are associated with intimacy, trust, and friendship. The last thing you want to come off as in your online community is intimidating. In a 2009 study, researchers examined the intimate language made up of nicknames and code phrases and found ...

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