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  • 4 Tools to Help Manage Your Editorial Content Calendar

    Managing a content strategy will more often that not involve multiple people, multiple networks and if handled poorly, multiple problems. This is why it’s important to keep your plans in a central location using an editorial content calendar, so all contributors can see the latest changes and updates and can plan their own content accordingly.

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  • The Agency Guide to Creating Client Personas for Account Management

    If you have ever worked in a marketing agency there’s no doubt you’re familiar with buyer personas. Buyer personas can help characterise key segments of an audience with the aim of delivering the most relevant messages to each segment. The same holds for agency account management. Building personas for your existing clients can help your account managers improve the way they ...

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  • Functional SEO Requirements For a New Website

    Moving to a new website platform can be a huge undertaking, but one that should put your business on a stable footing for a good few years. There is an abundance of SEO checklist style posts highlighting essential tasks to undertake when launching a new website, but in this post we’ll focus on the functional requirements of a website platform to ensure your new site is able to ...

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  • Optimising Videos for YouTube and Google Search

    YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google and the second most visited website on the planet as of December 2016. YouTube’s reach is further expanded by its direct inclusion in Google search. This search volume and traffic presents a huge opportunity for brands looking to increase their visibility by ranking videos on both YouTube and Google.

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  • How to Research and Target Informational Search Queries

    It is commonly accepted that there are three different types of search query: Transactional: This user is looking to complete a purchase or transaction of some kind. Navigational: Navigational searches are those which are an attempt to find or access a specific brand or website. Informational: These searches are focussed on the user getting more information about a pro ...

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  • Creating Link Worthy Content Using Competitor Research

    For savvy marketers, acquiring links should not be the sole objective of content marketing activity. Content marketing is actually defined as the creation and distribution of content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience, with the objective of driving profitable customer action. However, it is hard to overlook the associated value that relevant backlinks acquired to ...

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  • How to Conduct a Quickfire Technical SEO Audit

    In a recent survey, 39% of SEOs suggested that technical SEO is the first area they look to tackle when taking on a new project. These stats are hardly surprising, as the technicalities of how a website is built will clearly underpin any efforts to improve its performance in organic search. Here we outline 5 key areas you can audit in just a few hours to highlight essential fi ...

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