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  • Seizing The Mobile Opportunity For The Holiday Season

    About a year ago, AdWords introduced Estimated Cross-Device Conversions to give advertisers a better sense of what different device types bring to the table in paid search, as well as on the Google display network. While those cross-device numbers should be seen as mostly directional (as they only reflect what those users who have previously signed into Google do), search ma ...

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  • Improve Your Marketing ROI Predictions With These 3 Considerations

    While the industry is gradually getting savvier in general, lots of online marketers still base their budget and bid decisions on short-term returns using basic if/then statements across their paid search, social, and display ads programs. In a nutshell: if the short-term return on ad spend (ROAS) is low for a given social, display or paid search audience, then one tends to ...

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  • 3 Opportunities With Those New Google Shopping Campaigns

    For those who are not necessarily familiar with Google Shopping campaigns — let's clarify things straight away. Product listing ads (PLAs) are remaining the same as an ad format for end users, whether search marketers are using "old PLAs" or new Shopping campaigns. The novelty lies only on the campaign management side of things, including a layering system based of the Googl ...

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