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  • Are Your Observed KPIs Based On Causation Or Correlation?

    You’re a marketer … at least I’m assuming you are because you’re reading this. You take your data seriously. You pull daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports. You analyze, forecast, and ultimately predict what will happen next based on what’s happened in the past and where you’re at today. Analysts pull and analyze reports to understand why things happen.

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  • How To Apply Statistical Significance In Business Marketing

    Ekaterina_Minaeva / Some tests are easy to analyze. Is Superman stronger than Charlie Brown? Maybe we know the answer going into it and just need to prove we’re right, or maybe the data is heavily skewed in one direction. But some tests are harder to analyze. Who is stronger — Superman or General Zod? When the data don’t show a clear overwhelming winner, ...

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  • What’s Your Marketing Success Metric?

    What is your key performance indicator for success? Presumably, success is some combination of revenue, conversion rate, traffic, engagement, and/or leads. There’s probably a logical relationship between what you do and your success metric, but does your success mean your colleagues’ failure? Is your success aligned with the overall business’ success? For a company to succe ...

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  • Watch Out For False Positives — 3 Ways To Get Better At Testing

    Everyone is testing – and you should be testing, too. If you’re not leveraging your website, CRM, and/or sales data to test and improve your business in some capacity, you’re leaving money on the table. But, what are you testing? And do you (or should you) trust the results? Testing software can enable A/B and multivariate testing with ease.

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  • How Audiences Have Changed Paid Search Auction Dynamics

    Throughout the evolution of paid search, there have been three distinct auction dynamics, each of which has influenced how we think about campaigns: The Open Auction Period The Blind Auction Period The Enhanced Period Chances are you don’t remember The Open Auction Period (1998 – 2002). These were the good old days when Overture was King of the Hill, and you could see what yo ...

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  • So You Think You Need A Data Scientist

    Everyone thinks they need a data scientist, but few know what distinguishes a data scientist from a highly-skilled analyst. I’d like to clarify what a data scientist brings to an organization as well as help you understand if your needs require data science versus quality analysis. In order to define Data Science, we need to draw a distinction between Big Data and Conventional Data.

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  • Lifting The Veil On Audience Modeling: It’s Not Just Retargeting

    Over the past two years, I've been focused on applications of the remarketing toolset. Each time I have a conversation about my work, the response can be summarized by "Oh, you're doing remarketing." But I'm not remarketing. I'm building audiences. After the umpteenth conversation about how remarketing is a single form of audience-based advertising, I want to open up the hood ...

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  • 4 Things To Get Right Before You Pay For Traffic

    If you're thinking about starting to pay for traffic or expanding an existing program, there are four core concepts to get right before you start burning cash. Determine: What's a visit worth? Design for Conversion Get Your Message Right Establish an Organic Strategy Determine: What's A Visit Worth? The most immediately actionable analysis for a marketing team is t ...

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  • How To Do Attribution Modeling & Budget Allocation

    In my last post, I covered customer lifetime value calculations and how to leverage CLV to identity high- and low-value audience segments. One of the most effective use cases for CLV is around budget allocation. Combining channel attribution modeling and CLV calculations, we can make highly calculated decisions around which channels are over- versus under-performing.

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  • Audience Modeling & Customer Lifetime Value 101

    Customer lifetime value (CLV) is at the core of all of our advertising efforts. Being able to distinguish between good customers and bad customers (and all the grey in between) is what enables marketers to build scalable programs without being limited to a direct response. A good CLV model highlights the good and the bad, embracing variance in user behaviors.

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