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  • How Marketers Can Convert Mobile Shoppers Into Sales

    How Marketers Can Convert Mobile Shoppers Into Sales December 19, 2016 by Bernadette Coleman Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Mobile is quickly becoming consumers’ favored method for shopping. Google got my attention when their recent guide, “A Marketer’s Guide to Holiday Supershoppers” dropped into my email inbox, and it got me thinking even more about today’s mobile-powered consumer.

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  • Local Digital Presence Management is NOW!

    As we discussed in yesterday’s announcement, the days of considering a business’s local presence and digital presence as separate matters are behind us. With the increased usage of mobile devices and local search moving forward at an accelerated rate, businesses need to understand how to effectively manage and monitor, both their local and digital presence.

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  • Change is in the Air for Local Site Submit

    Spring is coming; a time when change is looked forward to and expected. A time when newness and growth are celebrated. As such, I have exciting news to share with you. Change Is Coming In 2011, Advice Interactive Group created Local Site Submit, a directory listing management platform to meet the needs of our agency clients and enable them to take control, of their online data.

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  • The Advice Top 10 Posts for 2015

    As with every year in the technology world, 2015 saw a number of changes, advances and brand new technology make their way onto the digital marketing scene. Below is 10 of the Advice’s most popular posts from the year for you to relive, relearn or read for the very first time. As you read, you will see just how much has changed in 2015 and get a really good day of how much mor ...

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  • Four SEO Strategies Every Digital Marketer Needs to Understand

    When it comes to SEO, there are several different types and the strategy is a little different for each one. To help clarify the differences, I will break them down and include tips on how to leverage each one as part of a digital marketing strategy. Four SEO Approaches You Need Local SEO A local focused SEO strategy increases the visibility for brick-n-mortar businesses when ...

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