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  • B2B Influencer Marketing Done the Right Way

    Bernie Borges, CMO of Vengreso and host of the weekly Social Business Engine podcast, has published a five-episode series titled The Five Most Influential Topics for B2B Marketing. This podcast series is co-hosted by Dale Hall, SVP of Marketing at Lithium Technologies. On the first episode, they discuss B2B Influencer Marketing, how some companies are using B2B influencer marke ...

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  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Social Media Monitoring [Podcast]

    Rebecca Lombardo, Director of Strategic Services at Tracx, and Eric Berkowitz, SVP, Global Services at Tracx, are the featured guests on this episode. Tracx is a social enterprise platform that helps organizations harness opportunities on the social web by providing brands key insights for business decision making. Tracx is also the sponsor of Social Business Journal Volume 8.

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  • How to Think Like a Social Business

    Most businesses are still focused on leveraging social media for its marketing potential. Facebook has proved that brands can market effectively through audience targeting on social media. And, the same can be said for other social channels. But, is that all there is to social media? Just marketing? If you’re a brand using social media for marketing purposes, isn’t your ultim ...

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  • Why Website Traffic from Social Media Will Decline in 2016 [PODCAST]

    Published 1 min ago 58 Over the last year, some brands have started seeing a reduction in their website traffic from social media. As Chad Pollitt, Co-Founder and VP of Audience for Relevance explains in a Social Business Engine podcast episode, that reduction is going to continue in 2016. Exactly why this is happening and what to do about it is confounding marketers.

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  • How and Why Brands Should Mobilize Employees on Social Media

    In the grand scheme of things, social media is still a new communications channel. For the last 10 years or so, brands have struggled with whether or not they should get their employees (beyond the marketing department) involved. Restricting employees from discussing the company on social media was once commonplace.

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  • The Social Onramp: Building Online Relationships That Lead to Sales

    Published 1 min ago 35 On a recent podcast recording about his new book, “Shareology,” Pure Matter CEO Bryan Kramer used a term I’d never heard before, but it really struck a nerve. The term was “social onramp,” and he used it in the context of “social helping,” a practice Bryan believes has been incorrectly labeled as “social selling.” Social Helping vs.

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  • Balancing Quantity and Quality in a Brand Ambassador Program

    As brands enjoy growing success on social media, many choose to amplify their reach and further their social media success via volunteer brand ambassadors. In a recent podcast recording with Justine Velcich, Manager of Global Community Programs at Hootsuite, we discussed the key factors behind Hootsuite’s Brand Ambassador Program, which has grown from 55 ambassadors to 1,400 in only three years.

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  • Uncover the Marketing Value of Branded Online Communities

    Published 1 min ago 28 What comes to mind when thinking about an online community? You probably have some antiquated recollection of a bland, white and grey forum. But, it’s time to update that vision. Businesses are creating and moderating branded online communities as a mobile friendly, online hub for customers to congregate and discuss how they use a brand’s product ...

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