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  • 3 Tips on High-Conversion Copy from a Sales Page Specialist

    I know what some of you are thinking. You’re asking: “Do I really need a sales page anymore? Can’t I sell using social media/webinars/live events/blog posts/podcast episodes?” I don’t know the details of your exact situation, but I will say this: If you need to spell out the benefits of your product or service in order to make more sales (which you do), a sales page wil ...

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  • 3 Simple and Effective Keyword Research Tips

    Keyword research is always a hot topic in content marketing circles. It’s one of those subjects that never goes out of style — because wise content marketers know that using the right words in their content will give them a big edge over their competition. Wondering how to find the “right” words to optimize your business’s content? Here are three quick tips for solid keyword research. 1.

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  • 3 Ways to Become More Generous and Grow Your Audience

    Giving to your audience is one of the foundations of any smart content marketing strategy. To grow your audience and get better results for your business, it might be time to expand your content beyond blog posts, podcast episodes, or newsletters and find more ways to be truly generous. The idea is: Don’t hold back, don’t be stingy, and don’t cut corners. Just give, and give freely.

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  • 4 Creative (and Aboveboard) Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

    Promoting your content has clear short-term benefits — like attracting new readers, social shares, and comments. But did you know it’s also a critical part of your search engine optimization strategy? Even the best on-page SEO efforts don’t work as well if no one links to your site, so one of your biggest jobs is spreading the word out about your content.

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  • Prove It! 6 Persuasive Techniques for Making the Sale

    A few months ago, I was struggling with writing a sales page for an upcoming program launch, so I showed my draft to my copywriting mentor and asked his advice. He scanned the page for about 20 seconds, then said: “You need more proof. This page should be full of stories and case studies about how your approach works. You need to show the real results people get from using this product.

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  • Build Landing Pages that Convert with These 3 Smart Steps

    It was May 2015, and I was sitting in the audience at Rainmaker Digital’s Authority Rainmaker conference in Denver, Colorado. Sonia Simone was about to give a presentation called “Dr. Evil’s Guide to Landing Page Design and Optimization,” and I was excited to learn from one of my personal copywriting heroes.

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  • How to Ruthlessly Cut Worthless Words from Your Sales Copy

    When you’re writing sales copy for your business, showing a little personality is a good thing. It’s also a good idea to use natural language whenever possible, so people know you’re a real person who is genuinely interested in helping your prospects and customers. I write conversationally when I write copy, and so do a lot of other folks I trust and admire.

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  • 5 Simple Touches that Deliver a Warm Welcome to New Email Subscribers

    You know the old adage: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That maxim is certainly true in the email marketing world. Your email welcome message is the first message new subscribers receive when they register for a free account with your site or subscribe to your email list. A well-crafted welcome message creates an initial connection with a new subscriber.

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  • How to Discover Your Customers’ Favorite Social Media Platforms

    Every few months, a hot, new social media tool hits the scene — Pinterest, Periscope, Foursquare, Blab — and some marketing experts make it sound like if you’re not using that new platform, you’re missing out. That notion gives me a massive headache. Like everyone else, I feel pressured to have a presence on every social media platform, but I can’t possibly contribute to eve ...

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  • 5 Stress-Free Steps for Pricing Your Services

    Why does pricing our services provoke such fear and dread? Even when we’re certain that we provide an exceptional service and charge what we’re worth, we still worry that clients will view our prices as unreasonable. Of course, we don’t want to underprice our services, either. Where does this leave us? Most of the time, it leaves us paralyzed and stuck.

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  • How to Write a High-Converting ‘Start Here’ Page

    I have fallen in love with a travel website. It’s called CheeseWeb, and it’s a blog dedicated to “slow travel.” Slow travel is staying in one place for longer periods of time while you’re on the road and having full experiences in each place you stay. When I stumbled upon it, the incredible photos and gorgeous design of the site made my mouth water.

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  • Your Step-by-Step Email Marketing Strategy Guide [Free Checklist]

    Perhaps you already feel like you have a good handle on the little details of email marketing, like writing subject lines, creating opt-in forms for your site, and setting up your welcome message. But maybe what you really need is a comprehensive road map for email marketing that presents a smart email marketing strategy as a series of manageable steps.

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  • 7 Deadly Sins and 7 Virtues of Email Marketing

    Ever heard of the seven deadly sins? They were originally a roadmap for avoiding moral pitfalls that included sloth, envy, and greed. Today, these seven pitfalls frequently appear in popular culture, including the thriller film Se7en and the Morgan Spurlock documentary television series 7 Deadly Sins.

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  • CAN-SPAM 101: A Crash Course in Bulk Email Regulations

    I met a woman at a networking event last year. I’ll call her Nicki. Nicki and I chatted for a few minutes, and she struck me as smart and motivated. I liked her. That was six months ago, and now Nicki’s emails are driving me insane. After that networking event, Nicki added my name and email address to her mailing list. She didn’t ask if I wanted to join her list — she just added me.

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