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  • Better late than never: Fashion belatedly embraces hackathons

    The term “hackathon” typically evokes bleary-eyed computer engineers crunching numbers and solving algorithms until the break of dawn. Now the fashion industry is trying its hand at these “marathon brainstorming sessions” in an attempt to not just get ahead in the digital realm, but also poach emerging tech talent for their expanding digital teams.

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  • How Facebook is wooing luxury brands

    Facebook is a paradox for luxury retailers. On the one hand, its size makes it hard to ignore. But on the other, there’s nothing more mass — and less exclusive — than Facebook. Karin Tracy, former InStyle publisher and now Facebook beauty industry lead, is charged with wooing luxury brands. Yesterday, Tracy led Facebook’s inaugural luxury forum, making her case that high-end ...

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  • Fashion publications team with to cater to younger readers

    When the popular app first hit the scene in 2014, it was mostly a tool for teenagers to share goofy lip-syncing videos with friends. Currently, it has a nearly 200 million user base largely comprised of teenage girls, and fashion and lifestyle publishers are tapping the platform in an effort to connect with younger readers. Musical.

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  • Digiday research: When it comes to consumer data, email reigns supreme

    Digiday’s sister site, Glossy, held its inaugural Hot Topic event in April, convening brands in the fashion, luxury and beauty industries to discuss data strategy and break down how they’re using data to enhance performance. Speakers shed light on methods they’re experimenting with, as well as the challenges they’ve encountered processing an expansive set of data across numerou ...

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  • The fashion industry fights to preserve Manhattan’s garment district

    Eric Sauma spent most weekends growing up in Manhattan accompanying his father to work at Mood Fabrics, walking along with him to the shop on 37th Street to help hand out flyers. On most days, what would normally be a quick jaunt across a few city blocks would take nearly 45 minutes, as throngs of people would stop his father to talk shop or say a quick hello.

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  • Reclaiming the word ‘old’: How fashion is fighting ageism

    Jacky O’Shaughnessy had just moved back to New York after a 20-year stint in Los Angeles and was staying with friends in the West Village when she stepped outside to have a cigarette. It was 9 p.m., and she was relishing the sights and sounds of her former home, when a woman walked out of a nearby restaurant and approached her.

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  • How humanitarian law is serving as a feeder to sustainable fashion

    Much like Wall Street funnels aspiring fashion designers, who spend several years in finance building their skills and amassing funds before starting a business, there’s an emerging trend of lawyers and human rights advocates making the switch to fashion. Here’s a look at three stories. From social good to affordable menswear At 14 years old, Jason Grullón.

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  • How Instagram beat out Snapchat as fashion’s ‘social darling’

    Snapchat wants to rival Facebook, but it should worry first about Instagram. Although Instagram and Snapchat were launched within just a year of each other — in October 2010 and September 2011, respectively — fashion brands have made Instagram a cornerstone to their strategies while Snapchat remains, in most cases, firmly in the experimental bucket.

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  • How Eponym is carving out a niche in the luxury eyewear market

    While most bespectacled consumers have likely heard of Warby Parker, many have yet to come across Eponym, another startup that’s just beginning to make waves in both the eyeglasses and sunglasses markets. When it comes to luxury eyewear, most of the major high-end brands have exclusive license agreements with Italian company Luxottica.

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  • SXSW report: Fashion and beauty brands are still gaga for Instagram

    Where the platforms go, the brands will follow — especially when the platform is Instagram. Fashion and beauty companies know that, in order to keep up, they need to be active across a wide breadth of social media accounts. Brands that never had digital teams are investing in new talent, while those that had just one or two social media managers are creating dedicated teams fo ...

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  • The worst people of SXSW 2017 (it’s still early)

    South by Southwest is in full swing, which means 80,000 people in tech and media have descended on Austin in search of thought leadership, booze, barbecue and tacos. As SXSW is hitting a bit of a midlife crisis, we’re reviving the worst people of SXSW with an updated and expanded batch of loons doing their best to keep Austin weird.

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  • The Raf Simons guide to transforming a brand

    Following a buzzy New York Fashion Week debut, Raf Simons is continuing to ride the wave of success he’s been on since taking over the helm of Calvin Klein. Over the course of just a few months, Simons has managed to breathe life into a stale brand, which was suffering from a lack of cohesive vision over a fractured portfolio of companies.

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  • Confessions of a modern media publicist: Dealing with layoffs is ‘par for the course’

    The digital media landscape is continuing to evolve, and the job of managing public relations for fashion and lifestyle publications is transforming just as rapidly. For the modern media publicist, navigating announcements surrounding layoffs and consolidations, while at the same time clamoring for the attention of readers who are increasingly consuming their news on social me ...

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  • #IStandwithPP: The resistance takes to the runway

    New York Fashion Week is already getting political. The Council of Fashion Designers of America and Planned Parenthood announced a joint effort on Monday called “Fashion Stands With Planned Parenthood,” a campaign to demonstrate support for Planned Parenthood and protest moves to defund the organizati ...

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  • Twitter reacts to Nordstorm, Neiman Marcus dropping Ivanka Trump line

    Nordstrom announced last night that it is dropping the Ivanka Trump brand from its stores and now Neiman Marcus is following suit, as a growing number of consumers speak out against the brands carrying Trump goods on social media. Shortly after Nordstrom announced that it is ridding its brick-and-mortar and online shops of Ivanka Trump apparel, Neiman Marcus alle ...

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  • Plus-size retailers are shifting their focus to the in-store experience

    Eloquii is the latest plus-size retailer expanding into brick and mortar. Taking a cue from brands like ModCloth — which opened its first store in Austin, Texas in December, offering all styles in sizes XXS to 4X — Eloquii is opening a temporary, experimental physical space in Arlington, Virginia this spring. The store ...

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  • Why everyone wants a piece of the Supreme pie

    Brands can’t seem to stop cashing in on Supreme’s success, and Louis Vuitton is the latest retailer hoping to ride the cult brand’s wave. The storied luxury brand debuted a joint collaboration with Supreme during its men’s runway show in Paris on Thursday, becoming the first high-end designer to partn ...

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  • The rise of the ‘boy beauty’ movement

    David Yi was working as a writer at Mashable, covering the realm of fashion and beauty, when he started to feel restless. The 29-year-old was growing dismayed by the lack of discourse in the media about men’s beauty. As his months as a reporter went on, he soon noticed that his pieces on male grooming seemed to generate the most buzz; his stories on topics including runway hai ...

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  • How fashion publishers are experimenting with Instagram Live

    Fashion publishers now have yet another social media tool at their disposal: Instagram Live. After announcing plans to integrate live-streaming capabilities, Instagram formally rolled out the offering to users last week. Just like Instagram Stories, which the platform launched in ...

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  • Tone-deaf campaigns and stolen art: The year in fashion brand fails

    Try as they may, fashion brands are not impervious to tone-deaf campaigns and marketing gaffes. Even the most storied luxury fashion houses find themselves in the occasional PR nightmare and are left to precariously pick up the pieces. Occasionally, they are successful in digging themselves out of their self-created hole relatively unscathed, but seeing as it’s the age of soci ...

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