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  • What’s It like Starting a Career in Paid Search

    Students today are having a harder time with their future career prospects than ever before. As a consequence of increased levels of graduates, there is now a much higher standard of competition when it comes to finding employment. As well as that, many graduates are unsure of the career path that they want to take and as a result they often find themselves sending out hundreds ...

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  • YouTube Shopping Overlays

    Google has recently given users the ability to add shopping advert overlays to their YouTube videos. This is an excellent feature to enhance and help monetise a YouTube content. If, for example, you like to put out product reviews of your products via your YouTube channel, these campaigns would be a great companion as they would be highly relevant to the content of the video.

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  • 4 Reasons Why Spotify’s New Programmatic Offer is Music To Our Ears

    Spotify have worked very hard over the last couple of years to keep their free service, free. They’ve been very successful at using advertising to create revenue from their 75million free users. The announcement that they’re rolling out a programmatic ad platform is the latest development for Spotify for Brands.

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  • Cyber Stalking – When does personalisation become creepy?

    By now I think we have all heard of the new AdWords feature Customer Match (this is the ability to upload an email list as a targeting method within AdWords), however we are only just scratching the surface with what we can do with these campaigns in a creative sense. One idea that has been floating around our agency since the release of Google’s Customer Match is the segregat ...

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  • Could Twitter’s Polls Be Marketing’s New Best Friend?

    What’s happened? Twitter have announced the launch of Twitter Polls, meaning we will all be able to create polls on Twitter on any subject and get superfast feedback from specific audiences. We believe this is going to be very powerful and valuable for both brands and consumers, to the point where participation is incentivised and collaborative consumers feel like they’re help ...

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  • Is this the ‘Napster’ moment for the free web?

    Let me take you back to the summer of 2013 when Google introduced Active View, an option that allowed marketers to purchase impressions for display and remarketing adverts only when they were deemed to have been ‘viewed’. Google defined ‘viewed’ as more than 50% of your advert displayed in the viewing area of the screen for over one second.

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  • E-Commerce: Don’t Pedal Against the Buying Cycle

    Today we’re going to take a look at; the “buying cycle”, why it’s important to align your bid media campaigns with this cycle and how to ensure you’re staying on track and prominent throughout. “What is the Buying Cycle?” The buying cycle is the journey a user takes from the first moment they become aware of their need for a product through to the completion of a successful tr ...

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