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  • How to Make Money Microblogging

    Microblogging, a unique combination of blogging and social media, allows you to build your brand while only doing a minimal amount of work on your blog. The reason it works is fairly straightforward: since you’ll be communicating with your audience more frequently on social media, you’ll develop more rapport than if you just simply focus on driving traffic to your blog through ...

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  • When WordPress & Email Marketing Collide: 15 Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

    As a WordPress user, you’re used to things being easy. You aren’t super savvy in Photoshop? Great, there are pre-built, high-quality WordPress themes for that. Not comfortable with coding? That’s fine, too. There’s probably a free plugin for that. What about content creation? Well, that’s where you may need a little help, but it’s not too hard to find these days.

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  • 7 Tools for Smart Competitor Analysis

    They say you should know your enemy. The same is true for your competition. If you want to outsmart your rivals and leave them behind, you should apply the most efficient competitor research approaches and keep up-to-date on the latest trends. Online marketing is constantly changing and developing. New competitor tools and features keep appearing here and there.

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  • How to Alter Your Blogging Strategy for Changing Trends

    Blogging is always in a state of flux as new technology and trends emerge each and every year. While there are certainly many time-honoured blogging strategies that continue to drive solid results for bloggers, it is also important to consider the current trends to ensure that your blogging strategy is optimized as much as possible.

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  • How to Prepare Your SEO Strategy for the Internet of Things

    If you work in digital marketing, SEO, or the media industry generally – you’ll understand first-hand the impact that the internet has had on our everyday lives. From starting as a means to connect small computer networks together, the internet has grown from niche to universal in pretty short order.

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  • 7 Ways to Use Video on Your Blog to Get More Engagement

    Content consumers are living in a world perfectly formulated for them to enjoy. Hundreds of thousands of blogs are creating and sharing content with their audiences on a daily basis, and the consumer can take their pick of which websites to browse regularly. Ensuring that you make their short list is not always easy, but certain techniques can almost guarantee good results.

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  • What You Need to Know About the Ghost Open Source Blogging Platform

    A number of interesting social media tools for bloggers have emerged in 2017, but let’s not forget the power of a solid blogging platform. Without a reliable foundation for your blog, maximizing online exposure through social media is like putting the cart before the horse. Starting and running a blog that can grow into a business requires specific tools of the trade.

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  • How to Build a Sustainable Business Out of Your Blog

    Blogging was once viewed mainly as a nice hobby or creative outlet. Bloggers across niches and interest areas would upload posts and pictures to share with friends and family and, potentially, individuals outside of their circles who shared similar interests. Fast-forward to 2017, however, and blogging has become a bonafide career.

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  • How to Create Your Own Online Community of Bloggers

    Freelancing has its perks: pajamas “all the time”, no water-cooler small talk, no boss breathing down your neck, but it can definitely feel like an isolating gig. Often, while writing or researching, you’ll have questions you wish you could run by a coworker and seek someone’s advice. I’d like to talk about how to create that online community and its importance.

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  • Social Media Marketing: Paid Ads vs Organic Strategy

    In the world of digital marketing, the debate about whether organic or paid is best rages on. And for good reason, because whether you’re talking about PPC, organic search or paid advertising, they all have benefits to consider. Much the same can be said in the world of social media marketing. In fact, research shows that 86 percent of marketers now combine paid and organic so ...

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  • How to Protect your Photos from Online Theft

    We are living in the age of visual content. We are living in the age where engaging imagery has become an integral part of all content marketing tactics. It’s hard, if not impossible, to conceive a blog post today without quality photos since articles accompanied by photos are likely to get 94% more views. Blogging is indissolubly linked to imagery, and this is due to multiple reasons.

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  • How to Create Content for a Narrow Niche

    It’s tough being a blogger these days. With so many options to choose from and many new ones cropping up every day on the interwebs, readers have a vast selection of blogs they can gravitate towards. This inevitably makes the blogosphere a very competitive environment which means that bloggers have to do everything they can to stand out from the crowd.

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  • SEO and Blogging: 5 Beginner Tips for Small Projects or Businesses

    When it comes to effective blogging and search engine optimisation (SEO) practices, every independent project or small business needs to pay attention to certain key elements of online etiquette. If you’re a blogger, it pays to remember that millions of readers are out there right now, hunting for content to consume; there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be yours, so long as they ...

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  • 5 Types of Tools Every Fast-Growing E-commerce Business Should Consider

    First, you create an online store on Shopify. Then, you spend endless hours to launch products and develop a branding strategy. Later, you begin your advertising, marketing, and promotional efforts. Finally, people start buying from you, and you keep on growing, year after year. That’s how it works, right? ASOS-level success in a couple of years? Wrong! Despite how simple ...

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  • 5 Tips to Make Sure Your Blogs Works on Every Browser

    Making sure that your blog looks and works correctly is one of the major things you need to get right. Your readers will not take it kindly if something does not work on their browser or mobile device. But how to make sure that all works correctly? Today let us take a look at the top 5 cross-browser testing tips to quickly test your blog.

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  • 8 Ways to Build Up Seed Money to Turn Your Blog into a Business

    Blogging has come a long way from being personal online journals to becoming a reliable source of income for many people. However, like any other business, that doesn’t happen overnight, and you might need to spend time and money to achieve your blogging dream. With this in mind, it’s good to know there are many different ways to make money with your blog.

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  • Why Writing Internships Are an Underrated Way to Become a Great Blogger

    A lot of people think blogging is a pretty easy gig. Think about it: you interact with other bloggers, sit around on your laptop writing about interesting topics, and don’t even need to put your pants on if you don’t want to. However, blogging is like any other job, paid or not; you need to develop certain skillsets and enter certain networks to be successful.

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  • The Superheroes of Video Marketing Infographic

    The Superheroes of Video Marketing Infographic June 22, 2017 by Blog Herald Leave a Comment In the ever-expanding world of branded content, catering to what your audience wants has never been more important. Space is crowded everywhere you look: Social feeds are flooded with links (and tricky algorithms to boot), influencers are accepting more and more partnerships, and a p ...

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  • 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Social Shares On Your Blog

    Being a top blogger is no easy task. After all, thought leaders and tastemakers aren’t born overnight; it takes time, persistence, and a heavy dosage of motivation in order to achieve that status and following. While we might think of getting more shares on our blog like a scientific process, there’s a lot of common mistakes people overlook in building their audience.

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