• 3 Reasons Not Hiring a Coach is Costing You Money

    You may thinking a coach or a paid mentor is something you can’t afford, but the better question to ask yourself is can you really afford not to have one? Coaches come from every profession and can offer you valuable structure, insights and motivation to take your business and yourself to the next level.

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  • Two Magic Marketing Tools Every Website Needs For Success

    Whether your business is entirely online or your website compliments your retail space, there are some sales and marketing software integrations that your website needs for success. If you’re neglecting these aspects of your website, you’re letting dollars slip through your company every time a visitor comes to your site.

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  • Blinkist Helps You Read Books in Only 15 Minutes

    As a busy entrepreneur, you have been conditioned to consume an overwhelming amount of information by feverishly scrolling and swiping your way through hundreds of brief news updates and 140-character industry tidbits, so reading actual books from cover to cover has become somewhat of a luxury that many of us can only fit into our occasional weekend getaway (if we’re lucky).

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