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  • [New Webinar!] How To Stand Out In The News Feed With Social Video Marketing

    October 10, 2016 A May 2016 study by Animoto found that over 70% of US marketers it polled planned to use social video ads in the coming 12 months, with Facebook leading the way among specific platforms, followed by Google’s YouTube and Facebook-owned Instagram. As your audience clearly grows more visually-oriented across social platforms, how are you peaking their interest ...

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  • The State of PPC 2016-2017 is HERE!!!!

    September 28, 2016 Good news – the highly-anticipated State of PPC Report for 2016-2017 is finally here! Every year Hanapin publishes the Report with the mission of educating the PPC community with a resource, guide, and predictive analysis of the industry’s general attitude, plans and outlook for the next year.

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  • [New Webinar!] Can You Afford To Grow in 2017?

    September 26, 2016 The State of PPC report shows advertisers are planning to increase their budgets by over 65% in Google AdWords, Mobile Advertising, and Facebook in 2017. But that means more of your competitors are throwing money at their growth problems. Based on your ROI and volume targets, can you afford to chase them? In this webinar, experts from Hanapin and Acquis ...

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  • [New Webinar!] Quick Tips To Take Your Geotargeting To The Next Level

    September 12, 2016 In paid search, setting geographic targets is day one. Whether it’s to exclude places you cannot sell or serve or to specifically target your primary customer base, the implementation of geo-targets is on the must-do list for a proper PPC campaign. However, for you intermediate and advanced geo-targeters, we’re going to take this method beyond the basics.

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  • [New Webinar!] How to Connect Calls from Paid Search to Sales

    September 5, 2016 It’s a mobile world out there. You should already be using basic features for your mobile campaigns, like call extensions, but how do you figure out if the calls you are getting through your paid search campaigns are leading to actual sales? In this webinar, experts from Hanapin, Invoca, and RingPartner discuss different ways you can connect your calls b ...

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  • [New Whitepaper!] Reddit Advertising: A Beginner’s Guide to the Self-Serve Platform

    August 31, 2016 Reddit is home to 234 million unique visitors, comprised of 53% males and 47% females. It’s a passionate community of users and can be difficult for marketers to know where to begin. But for savvy marketers, there are amazing opportunities to reach new audiences in a profitable way for those who know how to execute ca ...

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  • [New Webinar!] How Brands Can Effectively Use Display Advertising

    August 29, 2016 You may associate Display advertising with remarketing. Though you are correct, the Display Network offers so much more. Having become more sophisticated since it’s conception, advertisers can serve up ads based on the content of a website (contextually), or behavior patterns. So what does that mean? It means there have never been more opportunities to reach customers.

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  • [New Webinar!] What You Need To Know About New AdWords Features

    August 22, 2016 As we know all too well, the PPC industry is constantly on the move. Google recently announced new AdWords features, including responsive display ads to fit different devices and formats, expanded description lines, more customized bidding options, and pilot features for Google Maps for advertisers to give more information about their businesses.

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  • [New Whitepaper!] Guide to Google AdWords: Advanced Edition

    August 17, 2016 After successfully navigating the setup of a Google AdWords account and the initial round of settings, optimizations, and expansions, the time has come to not only manage your account according to general best practices, but to really identify how your account will flourish. In this whitepaper, you will gain a greater understanding of the distinction between ...

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  • [New Webinar!] How To Run An Effective Search Query Report In Less Than 15 Minutes

    August 8, 2016 Search Query Reports (SQRs) can be overwhelming. Downloading all of your keywords and scouring through the data associated with EVERY word in the hopes of stumbling upon one or two significant findings that MIGHT incrementally improve your account seem overwhelming and not worth the time. There’s gotta be a better way, right? The simple key: pivot tables.

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  • [New Whitepaper!] Improving Your Account Through AdWords Scripts

    August 3, 2016 AdWords Scripts are a fantastic way to automate many tasks in AdWords. Scripts work directly within your account and require little development overhead. They offer the opportunity for self-service automation without the reliance on third party tools or platforms. Thankfully many scripts are plug and play, requiring little customization to test and implement i ...

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  • [New Webinar!] What’s in a Name? Product Titles and Brands in Google Shopping

    August 1, 2016 What’s in a name? Well, besides the fact that it keeps us from all yelling “Hey You!” at each other and giving Starbucks something to get wrong on the side of your cup– it seems to matter, a lot. Especially when it comes to product titles on Google Shopping. Just how important is it and does it matter how you structure the product name, the order of the words ...

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  • [New Webinar!] 11 Red Flags To Watch Out For When Working With An Agency

    July 25, 2016 Working with an agency can be a scary thing. It’s not always easy to know if the business relationship is working in a favorable manner. Transparency and good communication are virtues in any relationship, but especially for a relationship with an agency. When you work with an agency, there are certain things you should keep an eye on.

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  • [New Webinar with AdEspresso!] 4 Effective Strategies for Facebook Lead Gen Ads

    July 18, 2016 Have you ever heard someone say that they love filling out a form? Didn’t think so! However, lead forms are an essential in marketing. Facebook Lead Gen ads have made it much easier for users to get more information about your business or products on their mobile phone, without ever having to leave Facebook. With 1.

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